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Wedding Woes

Stand there in your wrongness

VarunaTTVarunaTT member
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Diva pulled me into a meeting with Boss J last week to go over one of my work projects and point out, let's just estimate, fuck it, let's count the tabs....36 mistakes I had made.  I was assigned to correct the project.

I just went over my original work.

All of the "missing" information was in the project.  All 36 "mistakes" were not mistakes at all, Diva neglected to read carefully enough to find the information.  I will say, in hindsight there were things that I could've done to make it easier to read since this was dealing with very familiar information contained in a highly unfamiliar format.  Still....not my fucking mistakes and NOT deserving of a meeting where the main goal was to humiliate me.

I have made sure to keep a copy of old project and I have highlighted where all of the info was, to show that there were no mistakes.  I informed Boss J that all of the information was contained in my original work project and that there were no mistakes.  I am not taking it to Diva b/c the reaction will not be what I want and the consequences will not be what I want.  But I do have the proof that I didn't make the mistakes in case it comes up in a review.

Re: Stand there in your wrongness

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