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Wedding Woes

I have received a FB invite to a wedding 8 months from now

Y'all, I tried to keep my judgy-pants at bay, but it's been hard. 

There was a lot of drama with BIL and his now-XW/recent fiancee.  Married when XW/F was still in high school (oh, Arkansas), popped out three kids, BIL was serially screwing around and they eventually divorced.  Then there was that odd chapter when he briefly married a woman old enough to be his mother (truly, her oldest child was older than him, her grandkids were his kids' age).  If they had been happy, then great, what do I care, but that (of course) led to more drama, he was cheating on Wife #2 with XW, it was just a huge cluster with the kids in the middle.  (Which is about the point at which Mr. Heff and I really turned up the judging.) 

Yesterday, we got a FB invite to Wife #1 & BIL's wedding in December.  Man, I hope things turn out better this time around.  I hope they are both older and wiser.  I've heard stories of things like this working out much better the second time around, and I hope they are in that camp.  (However, BIL's doucheyness seems to be a constant, so we'll see.) 

However, I did tell DH we should probably hold off awhile on booking tickets, just in case.  ;)


Re: I have received a FB invite to a wedding 8 months from now

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  • Oh, and since I'm already being judgy, let me just add that he decided to go to law school, took out massive loans, completely half-assed it, couldn't pass the bar after multiple attempts (at least 3, but I may have lost track), and then went back to his pre-law school sheriff's office job.  Per that discussion last week (I would link, but I don't want another warning--it's already making me sign in every.single.time I want to post or reply), he always cited that stupid "joke" about "What do they call the person who graduates last in his medical school class?"  (To which 6's reply was spot-on, IMO.)  And DH and were like (to each other) "But isn't this a really horrible time to be in law school?  Isn't there a glut of law school grads and not enough jobs?  Does he really think mediocre grades will be enough?"  Apparently so. 

    So, you know, people change their minds about career paths all the time, but the fact that he took on six figures of debt to go right back to the same job is mind bottling, and symptomatic of his general approach to life.  Leave a job, plan B doesn't work out, go back to the old one.  Leave a wife, plan B doesn't work out, go back to the old one.  I don't know why his ex/future wife hasn't told him to fuck off, but I guess that's her problem, not mine.

    Also, Wooz heard us talking and asked if she could be the flower girl.  We told her it wasn't our call, and further, it's most likely that they would ask their youngest, since she's their daughter.  But we promised we'd buy her a really great dress, and that seemed to satisfy her.  (I intentionally didn't promise "fancy" because I'm not sure I'm getting a fancy vibe from their FB invite.  But we'll see.)
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