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No is a word, right?

Dear Prudence,
I work at a rewarding job with limited vacation time and make about half of what my sister and mother do (this will be relevant, I promise). I pay all my bills, but funds are limited for trips. Usually as a combined birthday/Christmas gift my family will help defray the cost of airfare or hotel to travel together. Now my sister is buying her first home, and my mother had to get a new car. The getaway is a no-go this year. I don’t mind that, but I do mind my sister’s assumption that I’d be happy to use my vacation to drive 300 miles to help paint and retile her new house! I love her and understand that buying a new home is stressful, but she gets six weeks of paid vacation, and I only get two! Should I bring it up, bite the bullet, or pretend to have a scheduling snafu?

—No Time Off

Re: No is a word, right?

  • Why use time off, why not go on a weekend or two like Memorial Day/Labor Day/4th of July...

  • We ended up closing on our home a few days before my sisters pre-planned trip home a couple of summers ago.  We just took a few days off of painting to hang with her.  I don't blame her for not wanting to spend her time off in free labor for someone else!
  • Sorry not sorry.  FH's brother asked him to travel across five state lines to help him rip up the deck that came with their house.  FH said "No, I love you, but I am not going to waste my vacation doing manual labor."

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  • "I won't be coming - I have other plans for my vacation time."
  • I drove 300 miles to help FSIL paint her kids' play room but 1) I offered. 2) I wanted to see her anyways 3) it only took one day out of the weekend to do.

    No reason why she should waste vacation time working unless she wants to.
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