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Grrrrr....interpersonal problems

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There is a woman on my committee who drives me nuts.  She's efficient and hardworking and I appreciate that, so I try to keep my mouth shut and get along because those qualities in a committee member are hard to find and priceless.  Her personality leaves so damn much to be desired.

She right now, is telling me to do something over FB messenger, not asking.  When I stated that she could do this thing and here was the procedure to do so, she said she can't for whatever freaking reason, so "I'm dumping it here" in our FB conversation.  First of all, please or some other form of asking, gets a long damn way.  I try not to pull the "I"m in Charge" card, but...I'm In Charge.  You ask me to do something, you don't tell me.  Secondly, leaders don't get shit work dumped on them.  Again, you should've asked me to do this.  And quite frankly, I don't want her telling anyone on the committee what they should do.  That's not how relationships stay respectful and professional, especially since we're all volunteer.  It's so easy to lose volunteer members when they get pissed off about treatment from another person.

I've had to reorient her onto her actual task.  Somehow she got it into her head that I wanted her to be the entire day of coordinator.  Um, no...I wanted you to do my volunteer schedule.  Which since that's going to be about 50+ people, 3 hours shifts, and 13 hours of festival duties to cover, is a big enough job to handle for one person and I suspect she's going to end up needing help.  Don't try and take on more, especially when that "more" would fall under the Co-Chairs job.  

She also tries to set up a "special" relationship between me and her all the time.  "Oh, I can just e-mail that to you and we can discuss it between us."  No, you can present your information to the committee, because that's how this works.  I don't make decisions unilaterally and neither do you.

I'm not doing this thing she's asked me to.  She said she can get to it Monday, so that's when it'll get done.  Now she's just making me pissy.

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