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Why is it raining AGAIN today? WHYYYYY???????

H and I had a very nice anniversary. We got a pizza with pepperoni and extra cheese (and they actually did the extra cheese right) and I had wine and we exchanged cards. The one H got me was so perfect and the note he wrote inside made me cry. 3rd anniversary is leather so we got each other shoes! My Tieks arrived earlier in the week and his Doc Martens will be here today. I'm wearing my new shoes right now and I can't believe I ever waffled on whether or not to keep them because I really love them <3 (I actually washed AND blow dried my hair today and you'd never know it because it's fucking miserable outside)

I'm leaving work a little early today because I was selected to participate in a market research discussion group where I'll get paid $125 for my opinions on vitamins. We all know how much I love giving my opinion on things and who doesn't love money so yay for that. Then, there's a band playing at some venue near where I work that H wants to see and he doesn't have anyone else to go with him so I'm going to bite the bullet and be a good wife. There better be booze. 

That's all I got! 

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Re: Thursday

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    @southernpeach89 - Callie's outfit is perfection.  ANd YAY!!!! for Callie's first tooth.  Can I please come to dinner?  Normally we'd get street tacos and H would get elote and we would visit the paleteria, but not this year.  Maybe next year!  We'll see what Kennedy thinks about the helado.
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  • @CocoBellaF I'm glad you found some relief! I'm sure you feel a lot better! I'm sure Kennedy will enjoy the Helado!
  • @cu97tiger Sorry you are so stressed at work... that's just the worst feeling ever! I hope it gets better soon. And that's nice of you to be there for your friend today. I'm sure that drink will be delicious for her!
  • @cu97tiger - It's all the chiro.  That was my 4th appointment.  I am on a plan to see him 3x a week for 4 weeks.  And you need to relax this weekend!  I swear by my eucalyptus/spearmint epsom salt (got them at Walgreens) and quiet yoga.  

    @PamBeesly524 - Your dinner sounds amazing.  H and I would run together sometimes, too.  It's really nice to do together sometimes.

    @LizzyTish88 - I would be upset with BF too.  None of that is fair, and definitely not part of a mature relationship.  Get with the program, BF!  FWIW, I think you should go see the movie.  Take a friend if you can find one!

  • @LizzyTish88 another vote to not get rid of weight watchers! It seems like it's really helping you a lot to accomplish your goal, which is important! And yeah your BF needs to calm down.. I get annoyed sometimes when electronics don't work but I don't take it out on H!

    @minskat30 I hope your meeting with your boss goes well and you get what you need. I'm not sure who the faster runner is - probably H but he doesn't have the drive to push himself there haha.

    @jenna8984 that's such an insensitive thing for your friend to say... I can understand wanting to buy a cute outfit or two but I would always do it in addition to a necessity - especially if that was what was on the registry!

  • @Swazzle - I'm going to try to remember to ask in a few days how you like your Tieks.  I might get them as a "you survived being KU" present to myself.  ;)

    @minskat30 - Oh lady, big big big hugs.  Definitely rest tonight.  You need it.
  • @swazzle - Right now my plan is to work until I go into labor unfortunately.  My job's maternity leave sucks.  It is essentially 4 weeks paid (I'm taking another 3 months after that which is a combination of unpaid mostly and all my vacation time).  So for the benefit of those "glorious" 4 weeks I get hammered on by work.  I'm not one to get into feminist rants but I'm a card holding member lately.    
  • @cu97tiger I second the bath recommendation. I hope things settle down soon.

    @CocoBellaF Glad you got so relief from stretching!

    @pambeesly524 Glad you got to yog with your H, LOL. Love that movie.

    @jenna8489 Yeah your friend is weird. What an odd thing to say to someone.

    @minskat30 Hugs right back to you! I am anxious for Ani to come so that you can be away from work and home snuggling your babies! Although I do want to make sure Ani is fully ready so it will take some more time. <3
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  • @beachyone15 Oh yes! I'm picking up wine tonight.. I also got chips & salsa and I know we're ordering pizza... My friend said she was packing snacks too. I can't wait!
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    @beachyone15 field mice are so H traps 1-2 per day in our basement/ garage. Last night our cat was playing with one and we were yelling at her to just fucking kill it already but it scurried off before she could. You can put traps out if you want but it's not a big deal, they are generally not "disease- ridden" like rats.

    @minskat30 I know, leave reeeeeally sucks. But I'm happy you're taking the additional time unpaid and vacation. Some people can't do that and are forced to just back after a month and that's fucking ridiculous.

    @speakasy14 booooo hope you feel better



  • @speakeasy14 tell me more about this cheesy bread... :) Hope your workout helps you feel better! Whenever I have cramps working out is the last thing I want to do but I always feel 100% better afterwards.
  • @MissKittyDanger Lol well I guess it has never really bothered her from the beginning. I think it's different for every baby but she just must not really care about bows or hats. Now if she accidentally pulls it down on her face then yea but as long as it fits comfortably then she doesn't mind.
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