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It's nar-anon day on Prudie.

Dear Prudence, 
My younger sister recently got out of a bad relationship, and she has since spiraled out of control. She refuses to work, so my parents pay all her bills. She goes out and parties all the time, and she does everything on my parents’ dime. My parents are afraid of her, and I am too. If you tell her something she doesn’t want to hear, she becomes incredibly cruel. A couple of weeks ago, she let herself into my house (she had a key) and took my work laptop because she “needed it.” Then I noticed that a full bottle of Vicodin that I had left over from a recent surgery was empty. I’ve tried for years to help my sister, and none of it has worked. In the meantime, I have felt that because of my sister’s issues, there was never enough room for me and my needs. My question is: What can I do to make my parents understand that she has real issues that aren’t being solved by our enabling her? And should I cut my sister out of my life at this point? I feel like she’s a stranger to me, and I’m tired of the turmoil.

—Spiraling Sister

Re: It's nar-anon day on Prudie.

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    Title says it all. 

    I would change the locks yesterday.
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    Is this the other daughter to the first Nar Anon post?
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    kerbohlkerbohl member
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    She took a work computer?  That could affect sister's career, depending on what she did with it (ex. deleted important files, taking it meant the sister couldn't get some work done in that time . . .) And not to mention taking it without asking.  Bah, inconsiderate siblings!  I worry about the fact that the parents and the sister are scared of her - does she get violent?  In which case, even without the drugs being missing and the potential alcohol abuse (depending on LW definition of "partying"), outside help is needed.  

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