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I just ate the most disgusting thing

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I bought hard boiled eggs at lunch--I'm taking them to the pool tonight to eat before swim, and I decided to pick one off for myself.  I got the omega-3/DHA version, and OMG, they taste like fish oil.  Just disgusting.  Like a normal hard boiled egg coated in cod liver oil.  I feel nauseated just remembering.  I threw away the one at my desk, and now I'm wondering if I should even bother feeding them to the kids.  Maybe they won't notice.  (I might be overly sensitive to it.  My dad's side of the family are fish supertasters, and supposedly my grandpa could taste if the potato salad had been next to the fish in the fridge.  So maybe the kids won't pick up on it.)

Anyone else eaten anything really good/bad lately?

Re: I just ate the most disgusting thing

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    @Heffalump  - the thought of that is gag-inducing. (I don't eat seafood, and fish smells bother me.)

    DK's interview was right down the street from a restaurant that we love. He sent me a pic when he stopped for lunch, so i told him it wasn't nice to tease, and he offered to bring me something. Currently munching on python chili, and I have elk, camel, and kangaroo sliders, too. YUM.
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    We've got a new fancy burger place in town and they do a mac and cheese waffle, which they then serve with additional cheese sauce in a gravy bowl.  I did not eat that, but watched K sock it away.  
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