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Where is everyone?

I'm all screwed up with days between the weekend trip and Monday being a holiday.  
Pens vs. Sharks Game 2 is tonight - GO PENS!

Not much else going on here. New AC is tentatively scheduled for Friday, and I can't wait. It's been pretty much impossible to get our first floor below 75-ish, which is way too hot for me. The upstairs unit will be more powerful, and they're also adding a much needed vent in our bedroom (we have 1, but we really need 2) DK has his VP interview on Thursday - so if all goes well, he could have a new job in a few weeks. :smile: 

Re: Wednesday

  • I'm back!  

    It's my Monday which means work wise today sucks but work week wise, I'm almost done so there's that!

    The situation with the overbearing grandma and my niece got worse before it got better, but it did get way better.  Saturday night, after her first birthday party, everyone was hanging out at my sisters place.  At some point my sisters MIL again started talking about the nugget and leans on me and says "how great it is because when I enter the room, she knows me, really knows me and is so excited to see me."  And then she started going on and on about how sad she's going to be because "now that she's walking she no longer wants to be held.  I could just cry thinking about it because I probably only have 2 weeks left to hold her."  I wanted to yell "I only have two days!"  I didn't, but I did run out of the room a crying mess.

    My sister didn't realize how hard it was for me (because she's used to it) until she saw it first hand (there were a couple situations earlier in the day when I'd be playing with the baby and she'd come take her etc).  So most of Sunday and all day Monday she and her husband dedicated time to our family separately.  It was amazing, but now I miss her so terribly much!
  • Well, the big ticket item for my day was the interview, which is done, so I'm now ready to celebrate National Wine Day.  Again.

    Last night, my uncle went back into the ER and he's back on the ventilator again, which is not good news.  HOWEVER, he is now in a facility that cares more about the individual in the bed than the name of the insurance in the file, so he's FINALLY getting the care he needs and we are FINALLY getting answers to a lot of the big questions we haven't had for two months.

    We found out he had a "subarachnoid hemorrhage" (serious brain bleed) that could have been a stroke or ruptured aneurysm that precipitated the fall, or it could have been caused by the fall itself.  But in two months of being in the ICU at the last place, all my mom was told--ONCE--was that he had suffered "a brain bleed that we are waiting to see if it resolves itself."  Any subsequent questions about that were not answered, and one physician even told my mom there was no record of a brain bleed!

    I told my mom she needs to start looking into hiring a malpractice lawyer.  The level of his care has been so atrocious, and so negligent, that it'll be a miracle if he ever leaves the care facility.  I don't know what her options are, if she even has any, but only a lawyer can answer those questions.

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    --Philip Pullman

  • We joined Costco today. 
  • I have survived the last 4 days. Yesterday required a lot of naps. 
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    Pens vs. Sharks Game 2 is tonight - GO PENS!
    @*Barbie* I lived in PGH ~7 years, then recently moved to San Jose. Thankfully, I'm already very neutral about sports   ;)

    Right now, I wake up with a headache everyday. It's not the greatest.
    Brother's FI asked me and lil sis to be in her bridal party. I'm excited for them, but the increase in unknown social situations/etiquette makes me a bit uneasy. "Anxiety" might be my middle name. I didn't have her phone number or email, so I responded to her lovely little asking-gift with a snail mailed card. I feel like such a dork.

    k thnx bye

  • I'm about a week out from my period and I'm hitting a wall of just....I don't know, not giving a shit?  I'm just done, Done, DONE with things.  I do have to hold on for about 3 more weeks though, then I can crash and burn.  IDK what/where I'm going, but it's going to have drinks, a water feature, K in a bikini (yeah, I'm objectifying my GF here) and a good book.
  • FI and I had to do a counter offer on the house we want. We will see how that goes.

    I might to see my MOH today. I haven't seen her in a few months and we only live 45 minutes apart.

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  • Tyvm said:
    Pens vs. Sharks Game 2 is tonight - GO PENS!
    @*Barbie* I lived in PGH ~7 years, then recently moved to San Jose. Thankfully, I'm already very neutral about sports   ;)
    I love Pittsburgh. I'm a born and raised yinzer - I haven't lived in Pittsburgh in 10 years, but I'll always be a Penguins fan. 
  • 'm ordering DD's birthday invitations, TY notes, address labels, etc. from Etsy, and I always get unreasonably stressed even though I've never had a problem.  I got her invitation hi-res file SO FAST and I still had my hands over my mouth while I was reading it.  But it's gorgeous.  She's doing a Frozen Fever theme, so I even ordered snowflake stamps from the USPS, because I am insane.  (To be fair, we needed stamps anyway, and the leftover Rudolphs from Christmas were not going to cut it.)  Debating whether to order metallic gold envelopes or just normal white.  Confessions of a birthday party beebee.

    Wrapping up, and then off to swim practice.  This morning, I dropped DS off, and I told him we were going to the pool after school.  He looked very serious and said "I want pelican slide AND whale slide."  So I think I know what we're doing tonight.  Wooz should get her ribbons from Saturday's meet at practice tonight, which will be cool for her.
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