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Can we get a Head Knot person in here STAT!!!!!!!!

Re: Can we get a Head Knot person in here STAT!!!!!!!!

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    Maybe she's been hacked?!  (Dear god I hope that's the case and someone is playing a really sick fucking joke.)

    I just checked and this is NOT in line with anything else she's ever posted. 

    ETA:  I reported her post and put in there that I was concerned about a mental health crisis OR that she's been hacked.  I hope that gets them to take a look at it. 
  • I'm still here and I have not been hacked, nor am I playing a sick joke.
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    What just happened?
  • Ladies, OWK is doing all the right things.  She knows that she suffers from depression, and she is in the best possible place for her to get help.  It is sad that she has to deal with this, but such is life with mental health issues.  I also have had life long severe depression, and, while medication can be of great help, it does fail sometimes.  I had it happen to me and I wound up in the hospital, too.
    Send healing thoughts to OWK.  She is loved.
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