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Neighbor kid has me flustered (long)

There's a 4th grader down the street that has got me worked up.  He's not very nice.  I've seen him make other kids he calls friends cry.  His mom runs an in-home daycare.  We live on a small cul-de-sac with a big grassy area in front of a pretty busy, curved street. 

Last week he was playing lacrosse with 6let (2nd grade) in the grass.  Next thing I know kid is across the street trying to get 6let to throw the ball across.  I don't think this is safe.  As a driver I hate when kids do this and as a parent I don't want 6let doing it.  So I told them to stop.  The kid throws the ball again and sets the stick down across the street and goes home.  Leaving us to clean up after and doing one more time what I told them not to do.

Yesterday M2 (5) was in her tree in her yard howling like a dog.  Yes, it was annoying.  6let was in the yard playing when 4th grader and some other boy 6let doesn't know ride up on bikes.  The other boys start telling M2 to shut up and say she's annoying.  6let joins in.  I tell them we don't use words like that and it's not kind.  4th grader looks at me and says "but she's annoying."  I told them it was her tree and they were welcome to leave. 

6let didn't know the other kid so I'm thinking it was one mom was supposed to be watching (which is a whole separate issue).  I talked to 6let later about his actions in this.  He's never talked to her like this so I know it was only because the other boys were here.  I told him that if his friends continue to act like this they won't be allowed over and he sure as heck wouldn't be over there. We talked about what he should have done.  I told him I know it's hard, but he should have stuck up for someone younger.  If he didn't want to he's welcome to get an adult, but he certainly shouldn't be joining in.  It was 3 boys bigger than her yelling at her!  God love her she wasn't phased and just kept up the (annoying) howling.

 I just got a message from the mom asking what happened and did I really send the boys home. 

Re: Neighbor kid has me flustered (long)

  • Neighbor kid seems like a jerk. 

    Sounds like you you did everything right. Also, I think it's cool M2 has her own tree. 
  • You did nothing wrong.   I'd describe to the mom exactly what happened and tell her that you told them that they were free to leave, but they weren't going to be rude to M2.  

    The kid sounds like a jerk. 
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    I told her exactly what happened and that I did tell her son and the other boy that they were free to go home.  I didn't go any further at this point. 
  • I think you handled it perfectly.  I've given stern orders to kids when they were being turds and their adult is nowhere to be found.  I don't want my kids to think that behavior is ok, and I really don't play when it comes to safety.
  • Honestly, if it even remotely looked like bullying to you, it's best you handled it how you did.. If anything, a lesson in "property rights"..  I'd rather a parent stand up for treating kids nicely than no one ever step in and things get worse, kids perpetually excluded, etc. that just escalates...
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