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FFIL needs to stand up for his kid, in spite of family BS.

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Dear Prudence,
My fiancé and I have been together for more than nine years, and we’re having a small wedding with close family and friends this summer. I have never been happier, but there is one problem. A small part of my fiancé’s extended family still does not know that my fiancé is gay, much less that we’re engaged. We have kept our relationship off social media until this point at the request of my fiancé’s father. He is concerned that this “nontolerant” part of their family will disown everyone if they discover our relationship. I have been understanding until now, but I don’t want to keep all our wedding photos off social media (and ask all our guests to do the same thing) just to keep a secret from a handful of family members I have never met. The good thing is that my fiancé and I are on the same page. How can we politely stand our ground with this situation?

—Family in the Dark

Re: FFIL needs to stand up for his kid, in spite of family BS.

  • Heffalump said:
    I am having a hard time imagining keep my entire relationship off FB just to placate a few haters, just because they're distantly related.  Fuck that.

    I think the burden is on the intolerant to deal, not on other people to make other people's intolerance more comfortable for them.
  • Also, what's the point of trying to keep this a secret from a few family members that I'm sure talk to other family members.

    They will find out. Just let everyone know.

  • One would think people can figure it out from the wedding invitation... Just say'n... 

    Be who you are, let them be who they are... 

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