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Jerk neighbor kid again

he and the other random boy rode up into our driveway. They went right into the garage and started pulling out toys. I honestly don't mind this.  They got out the new bow and arrows. I told them they weren't allowed to point them at anyone. 6let pulled out the box we use as a target. I went in to get a drink of water and the random kid was pointing at the people setting up the block party and jerk face was pointing at 6let. I told them again they aren't allowed to point at people and if they did it again I was putting them away. The two conferred for a second and just dropped the toys and left. 

I told 6let he needs to think long and hard about kids that don't want to follow rules and leave him to pick up the mess. I'm not patrolling them every day. 

Re: Jerk neighbor kid again

  • 3...2...1 until you get a text from Jerk kid's mom.  Good for you for speaking up.  You have reasonable expectations and these kids are brats.  
  • 6fsn said:
    Nerf bow and arrows!!!!  Nerf!!!! 
    Thanks for specifying. We were looking to get one for Wolverine, and I was going to ask if you had this one: 
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