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Weird/Scary Neighbors

I take the city bus to work almost every day at 6:20 AM.  Being out in the neighborhood at the same time every day, I see others who are up at that time.  There the guy across the street from the bus stop, who stands out on his deck and has his morning smoke, the guy who walks past me to drive to work and always says "Hi", a lady who usually is walking her dog - the usual folks.  

This morning, I notice there are mushrooms growing in the mulch around the trees and mailboxes in our complex.  So I take a pic of them and send a text to DH - NBD.  I hear someone say "Did you SEE that?" and look across the street to see smoking guy and wife(?) out on their deck.  Then the guy says "Who do you think you are, the police?"  Apparently, they are talking to me and I say - "No, why?"  He accuses me of taking a picture of their car.  I clarify that I took a pic of the mushrooms and he says, "Yeah, right".  Then I see the wife charging out of the door to their town home.  She comes flying across the street and I'm thinking she's going to get in my face.  She gets into the car parked just up from the mailbox and slams the door.  The bus pulled up then and I scampered on.  I have no idea why they were so paranoid.  Looked like they were legally parked, but I wasn't really paying attention to the car.  

Not really looking forward to being out there tomorrow.  Weird.

Re: Weird/Scary Neighbors

  • That's odd! I would keep an eye out also, sounds suspicious. Does anyone else walk the same route that you could maybe buddy-walk with or is it a pretty awake neighbourhood, in case sketch things happen?
  • Yup, those people are weird!

    We moved about two months ago so we've been curiously observing our new neighbors. Aside from some personal habits we, personally, wouldn't do (i.e. be on a metal-floor balcony in bare feet, leave the balcony door open extended periods of time without screens- ew bugs!), people seem relatively normal. Thank God. 

  • I'm pretty sure my neighbors grow pot, but other than that they seem pretty nice. 

    Yours seem very odd. 
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