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A little potty humor

Saturday night I tossed on my flip flops I normally wear for the pool while we were hanging out with family.  Of course Max waited until the last minute to have to pee.  I raced inside trying to find a free bathroom.  He got to the potty then managed to pee on me like only boys can do. 

I said "It's not a party until someone gets peed on."  The kid didn't miss a beat "At least it was your water shoes."

This child makes me laugh and cry regularly.

Re: A little potty humor

  • If it makes you feel any better:

    When I was doing home care, I was at a client's house and *really* needed to pee. One of the cleaners was using the guest bathroom, so I had to use the client's. I couldn't move the raised toilet seat (bolted in place) and my butt got stuck even before sat down (the client was tiny, and I'm rather large). I half-crouched over the toilet and ended up peeing down the leg of my scrub pants. I cleaned up the bathroom, washed a ton of rags, and stood for the rest of my shift. When I came home and FW asked how work was, I said, "You don't want to know," and took a long shower.
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