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I'm starting to hate my dress!

I am sobbing because the dress I thought was in love with, after my first fitting.. I HATE IT ON ME. I don't know if I should sell it and try to get another since my wedding is end of December. This dress took 3 months to get in. It's from Alfred Angelo and Lord knows they are not helpful with returns or cancellations. Plus, I already paid for the full thing. I don't know what my options even are now..

Please tell me I'm not the only one who's had second thoughts about her dress.. 

Re: I'm starting to hate my dress!

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    DD was unhappy with her dress up until the day of the wedding! When she had her hair done, make up done, jewelry and veil on she loved it!
  • It's amazing how a few well placed alterations can change the look and fit of a dress.  Without knowing more specifically what you don't like, perhaps there are also accessories that could be added to make it more to your liking or hide something you don't care for.  For example, adding a little jacket or a belt/ribbon can also transform the look of a dress.

    I'm sorry that you are upset!  But, once you get over that initial shock of disappointment, start thinking critically and "outside the box" of what changes you can make that WILL turn this dress back into one you will feel beautiful and confident in. 

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    I had major dress regret. When I went for my first fitting, I didn't love it like when I had purchased it. For the next 3 days, all I could think about was that I should have looked at more dresses, or chosen something different. When I finally talked to my best friend about it, she said to me, "You picked that dress for a reason. Remember how beautiful you felt? You didn't want to take it off. You were insanely happy that day with the dress." 
    And she was 100% right. I did pick it for a reason. And on my wedding day, I was in love with my dress again, and I was so happy. 

    I will say this - I let the store owner talk me into a certain belt. Ultimately I realized I wasn't happy with the look. So two weeks before my wedding, I called her up and told her I wanted a different one. I'm so glad I did. The belt I went with looked great. Don't be afraid to make changes! 

  • Trust your instincts.  As the PP have mentioned, if you can post a pic (don't show your face in the pic do avoid any person you know stumbling across the pic)..  This way we can give better feedback on "can this be fixed with alterations/accessory" or "perceptual one"... 

    If you truly in your heart of hearts do not like your dress, go ahead and find a different dress and sell this one either on ebay!, a bridal consignment store, or there are a few reputable places that are listed in the Alterations page somewhere to resell... 

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