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Hey everyone - we are hosting a wedding at our home in a few weeks and I have a meeting with the bride this week to finalize stuff. Just trying to think of anything we need to do or prepare for ahead of time. 

There will be a tent outside with table, chairs, heaters if necessary. 

She has rented really nice portable toilets since we have a septic and don't want 100 people traipsing inside. If it rains we have patio block to make a path from the tent to the toilets. Maybe buy a few extra umbrellas in case? 

Also, is it rude to put a sign on our back door that says no entry? The wedding party will be getting ready in there earlier in the day but generally we don't want others inside.

She has a DJ and caterer and baker handling the cake. 

Any advice or things we should be on the look out for? Thanks!

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  • Oh trash! Excellent. We have a few bins we can set out but that is something I will put on the list to check on to see if caterer handles or us. 
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    I see nothing wrong with a sign on the door.

    What about parking? I'm sure you've thought about this, but will people arriving know where to go?

    Do the vendors know where/how to get to the tent? Like, the caterer probably doesn't want to be lugging huge trays of food or bus bins across a big field or something.

  • Where is the caterer going to set up? They often need a space aside from the main tent if they are preparing anything on site, or even just to unload containers and fill plates and clear dirty dishes to. 
  • Parking is right on the side of the house. It's accessible and the tent will be right there. Good thought about extra space for caterer. 
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    No problem with a sign.

    Do any of your guests have mobility issues? Will anyone have any issues moving over the ground where the wedding will take place?

    Also, is your home in an area where there are noise level restrictions or other restrictions like an HOA or local ordinances? I'd make sure to check that out.
  • We live sort of in the country so no noise problems. I will ask about mobility in general. She did say no wheelchairs. 
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    I think a "no entry" sign is a good idea. Can you keep the doors locked? 

    Will parking be easy to understand/follow?  Is there any need for cones to designate the areas? 

  • As for parking we were going to put our three cars out first so that it's clear how we want you to park. My husband will also stand out there to give directions is need be. 
  • Few things came to mind

    1) Check your zoning!!!  You don't want to be shut down because of some zoning code including noise (may have a "shut down by 9:30" rule), or needing a permit for events over a certain size.  But really, be considerate of your neighbors down the way and plan the sound shut down by 10.. 

    2) Garbage - Buy some industrial size garbage bags!  Also what's your plan for trash hauling.  A friend did a back yard wedding with 13-gallon tie garbage bags - "it didn't end well" as we were running around cleaning up garbage because there wasn't enough trash capacity.  Also, cleaning up after the event - you're hosting, but that doesn't mean you're a venue, the B&G need to plan to help clean up!  Also, the extra large garbage bags make great raincoats, just saying. 

    3) Event insurance - usually this is a cheap policy, but if one of the guests punches a hole in your garage siding, you want to be sure you're covered.  "Cover thy buns!"  Also, if alcohol is being served and someone gets into an accident you can potentially be held liable as the hosts.  Or, if someone trips and busts an ankle on those pavers. 

    4) Acceptable alcohol levels - it's your liability too as the host if someone gets wasted.  who's cutting people off?

    5) Yes, make the sign that says no entry to the house, but also directional signs to get people where they need to be. 

    6) Driveway markers/electric fence posts and string to mark the parking off-street.  This will help keep people from parking people in and relatively organized. 

    7) In regards to the baker - I would give them permission to cut through the house while carrying the cake itself in if that's the most efficient way to get to where the final cake destination is. 

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  • While I think "no entry" is fine, I went to a wedding inside a home where they put a "privacy please" sign on the stairs to keep people from going satirist if you want it to be "friendlier"

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