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Hawaii pt. 6

Thursday morning, we went back to the 808 Bistro for breakfast.  As I said before, it's in Kihei.  I loved Kihei.  It's way more laid back than Wailea (which is the upper crust resort area) and you can find decently priced food there.  

After breakfast, we went back to the room and I laid down until it was time to go to the spa.  The spa was the most beautiful spa I've ever been in.  It was everything I thought an upscale spa would be.

At the spa, I had the 'grand ocean body ritual'.  First of all, my 'therapist' reminded me of the landlady from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.   Second of all, she spoke in very hushed tones and it reminded me of Phoebe from Friends when she worked in the spa and mocked the people who worked there.  But she was great. 

First she dry brushed my skin, then she did a body scrub, then she did a mud mask, and then wrapped me in sheets.   While the mud was setting in, she used this pink goo on my hair to massage my scalp.   After that, I took a shower and then sat on the lanai.  She came back to get me for my massage.  After all that, I have never felt more relaxed and my skin never felt better.  It was amazing. 

While we were doing the spa thing, the boys went and got tattoos.  Once they got back, we set out to get coffee.  We went to this hard to find coffee shop called Akamai.   We pretty much bought out the last of their harvest.  The coffee is excellent.  We went to another coffee shop to buy more coffee.  All of it is roasted and grown in Maui. 

After coffee shopping, we got ready for the Luau.   The Luau was in Lahaina.  It was the Feast of the Lele and is the best-rated one in Maui.  The food was great, as was the show.  The performers were great (all the dudes were naked from the waist up, ;) ), as were the food and drinks.  It was a ton of food.  By the last course, we all took like one bite of each dish. 

Friday, we went to a cinnamon roll place for breakfast (in Kihei, again :D ). After that we went back to the resort to pack and enjoy our last few moments there.  Once we packed up and left, we headed to the Mill House at Kumu Farms.  All the food was amazing.  DH got tacos and I got a burger.  We also got this pie that was made from some sort of root that tasted like apples.   The setting was beautiful.  I wish we'd had more time to explore the farm.  

After the farm, we went to the beach one more time.  Then we headed to the airport for our flight.  Our flight home was much better than the one there.  It was shorter (tailwind speeds it up and Maui is closer than Oahu to the mainland) and DH and I figured out how to get comfortable and sleep.  We also busted out the emergency ear plugs, which cut almost all of the noise.  

So, that was our trip.  It was amazing and well worth the long journey.  I'd recommend Maui to anyone.   I feel like Honolulu is like Vegas, you only want to stay a few days and then GTFO.  ;) 

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    Honolulu like Vegas is a good comparison!  I always liken it to a big city on a beach.  And I live right across from Philly, so I can easily get my fill on a city anytime I want.  And if I'm making my way all the way to Hawaii, I don't want to feel like I'm in a city!
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