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Alternatives to "giving me away"

I would like my mom and dad to be a part of the ceremony but don't like the idea of asking them if they are "giving me away". Does anyone have any alternative wording ideas for this part of the ceremony? Like "who supports this woman in her marriage?"
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Re: Alternatives to "giving me away"

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    I don't think we had anything like that in our wedding.  My Dad handed me off to my H and then took his seat.  Later in the ceremony, after we did our sand ceremony, we took roses to our Moms and hugged our Moms and Dads.  Pics in married bio.

    I've also been to weddings where they have the parents and siblings stand and ask who supports this couple in marriage and the parents and siblings all say "We do" and then sit back down.
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    I can't remember the last time I was at a wedding that still used this.  Honestly, if you cut it no one will probably even notice.
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    They don't ask this anymore. My dad just walked me down the aisle, hugged and kissed me and hugged DH, then I stood next to DH at the altar.
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    I there is wording it can be changed to "who presents this woman".  Presenting is not giving.
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    We're not doing anything, not even "Who supports this couple in marriage". I don't think that it's really necessary since it's not a real question anways, I mean, are they really going to say no?

    And I think that the father "giving away" the bride is just politically incorrect these days. It goes back to a time when a woman was considered property and her father was literally giving her to a man. I'm throwing that out the window with "Honor and obey"  :)
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    I don't like the idea of being given away either.  Too barbaric for me.  Instead, I am walking myself down the the aisle then having the officiant ask who stands with this woman/man in their marriage.  I'd like to not have anything, but I know my mom is swallowing a big pill having me walk down by myself in the first place.  I don't wanna kill her lol

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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Alternatives to "giving me away"</a>:
    [QUOTE]You can say "who presents this woman"
    Posted by Calumet[/QUOTE]

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    My dad just walked me up the aisle and sat down.  There was no conversation.  Even "presenting this woman" wouldn't have made sense.  I presented myself.  Dad just escorted me.
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    I'm stuck on the same subject! My 13 yr old son will be walking me down the aisle.
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    Standard Jewish tradition is that both parents of the groom escort him, and both parents of the bride escort her.  Neither set of parents gives anyone away.  While this would be less traditional in a nonJewish ceremony, I can't think of a religion that would have an objection to it.
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    I am walking by myself down the isle.  But, I don't think there would be a need for conversation or announcement.  I think the honor is having them escort you to your wedding.
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    Both my mom and dad walked me down the aisle, hugged me, hugged my husband, then sat down. No conversation needed. :)
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    We skipped the line. I'm the first daughter to get married, and my (step)dad is a big softy, we had a feeling he'd get choked up, so we cut it to avoid him having to try and say anything.

    Which, it worked out fine. He walked me down, hugged me, hugged DH, and took his seat (And some tissues, lol). I took DH's hand myself (Not a planned "I'm an independent woman" thing, a "Hey, we didn't plan this part" thing, hahaha).

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    Walking you down the aisle and giving you away are unrelated, contrary to popular belief. Also, if you are 18 or older, you are a legal adult and they cannot technically give you away since you belong to yourself. You can include wording that says "who blesses this marriage?" or you can skip it entirely. Most people do the latter where nothing is mentioned at all.
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