Wedding Woes

so my mom has a bed (last I heard)

In spite of our snowstorm, she was enroute there, and my dad was following.
(I have their dog and have been doing what I can--which is precious little, unfortunately)

So, maybe an improved holding pattern.

Re: so my mom has a bed (last I heard)

  • I don't have much to provide but internet ((hugs)). I hope things are better in the morning.
  • Thank you for the update. I've been thinking about you. Hugs.
  • I was wondering how everything was working out. Thank you for letting us know. Keep us updated!

  • Thanks for sharing, and I hope she gets the help she needs.  Thinking of you.
  • I'm glad she has a bed and your dad is with her. Safe travels to you. 
  • i'm so sorry that youre dealing with all of this. 

    glad that your sister and the baby are ok. 
  • @GBCK, what a whirlwind time for you!  I'm hope everything is as good as it can be for your mom.  Glad to hear your SIL and baby are doing well, but poor SIL!  That's a marathon delivery experience.
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  • Congratulations on becoming an aunt!  One day at a time on your Mom!

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