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Thank Yous for Group Gift at Church/Work

At my wedding I received a gift and gift cards from the church nursery at which I work. Included was a card signed by a dozen or so members of the church who have also worked in the nursery with me at times. Someone, who I am pretty sure gathered money from church members and decided on the gift from my registry, included a list of people who gave monetary contributions for the gift/gift cards. There are people who signed the card who are not listed as giving monetary contributions. It can be noted that "anonymous" was also written on the list.

Should I give thank you notes to only people who I know contributed financially, or also to those who signed the card? My instinct is to both.
However, since it's been so immensely long since I should have done thank yous, I am wanting to give a cute favor bag with the thank you notes, and I don't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable or awkward if they just signed the card and they're receiving a favor bag and card at church while other people aren't - if it would.

Or is it traditional with these "money pot" style gifts to just verbally thank people? I don't normally interact with most of them, so it should be interesting. 

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Re: Thank Yous for Group Gift at Church/Work

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