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How was everyone's weekend?  Father's Day?

Friday was good.  We had dinner at my friends house and on Saturday we went to see the musical Chicago again. Sunday I had brunch with a friend of mine, and the place we ate at had a case FULL of awesome cakes and pastries.  

DH came home from work (after I did some work out on the garden) and I wanted to take him out for a father's day dinner (he's a father, but we don't have children together) and hes' like "I really want to dessert.  What place has good dessert?" So we went to the place I just had brunch at (the food is good too!) for the desserts.  Wouldn't you know it, they were SO busy that day they sold out of everything but carrot cake, a Bavarian creme and chocolate.  oops.

Hope ya'll had a good father's day! :)


Re: Monday Monday

  • Happy Monday. Weekend was good, pretty quiet. H's parents came into town for dinner and MIL brought strawberry rhubarb pie (H's favorite) plus the recipe and chocolate covered strawberries. Dinner was good but the place was super loud. Not much yesterday just work. It's finally cooled down and we can turn off the air and open up the windows!
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    The weekend was ok. We were up in Chicago for  short visit - SIL's grandfather's birthday. We had a house/dog sitter for the weekend. We we got home, our little girl doggie was all bloated and her stomach was very distended. She was very uncomfortable. We ended up taking her to the emergency vet clinic. They kept her over night and she's doing better today. If all goes well I'll pick her up this afternoon. I texted with the sitter. She said the dog didn't get into anything and ate normally. She has had a finicky tummy ever since she was younger (she's 11.5 now). Fingers crossed that she was just nervous without us at home and got constipated!

    I have book club this evening so I'm really looking forward to that.
  • Weekend was pretty busy.

    Friday - my friend came over for dinner. We were suppose to go to the glow fest but weather was risky, so we opted to chill. I showed her how I make fish, so I think she'll be using my idea ;) {I'll post in the recipe swap}
    We did face masks and I used warm cloth on my underarm {I discovered it's a really bad zit. Long story but I believe mix of warm cloth then peroxide brought it to a head}
    Talked about future stuff {her upcoming move to a house, if her and her bf are gonna get engaged soon, etc}

    She stayed late.

    Saturday - M went to range because he got a new gun and since it was used, he had 72hrs to make sure everything was good. {Soviet SKS if you're into guns, etc}
    He came home, we went thru basement boxes. 90% of it was his so I was more moving boxes over and supervising lmao
    He got rid of a lot of stuff, so I was happy :) He said he'll likely go thru stuff once the work bench is set up. He'll have time to be more specific for a lot.

    Then headed to my mum's, cuz M owes her money so we swung by to drop off and visit briefly. I was half asleep on her couch, so I took a nap when I got home.

    Sunday - hung out with my mum. Chatted. Did a little shopping - I got pj shorts - and my granny gave me a bag of sleeveless tops she won't wear. She had surgery on her shoulder, now she has a scar and is embarrassed about it. Told her that not only could I not see it, but it was a battle wound to be proud of! But she doesn't listen ;) Ah well ... I got clothes for free lol

    This week is pretty busy. I'm trying to schedule coffee with a friend, find a day it's not rainy so we can build a table, do groceries and Thursday someone's coming to see about central air, then Friday M is going to football game and a friend is coming over.
  • Happy Monday!
    Weekend was good - had lunch with a friend and her two-year-old daughter on Saturday. The sun came out briefly while I was there and we took advantage and went for a long walk in her neighborhood. 

    Father's Day was okay - super hot and humid! All H wanted to do was smoke ribs, which he did and enjoyed it. I had designed a logo for H's craft homebrew operation, and had some custom labels & bottle caps I designed printed for him, which he loved. I was going to take my dad out to lunch, but the weather was making his MS flare up, so I took a rain check. Instead I went to Target for things we needed and didn't need - coffee nut and caramel flavored m& good) and then I spent the rest of the afternoon drinking homemade sparkling limeade with my feet in the kiddie pool. Very relaxing!!!
  • @sparklepants41  Sunday was stupidly humid for me too! We actually had tornado warnings but nothing happened.

  • @sparklepants41  Sunday was stupidly humid for me too! We actually had tornado warnings but nothing happened.

    I'm glad nothing came out of those tornado warnings! 
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    Saturday we had tball then went to DH's brother's.  That SIL is such a loud know-it-all and I was DREADING it.  She was ok, but at one point started to say that onions cause food poisoning not mayo.  I said I was going to have to snopes that and she proceeded to lecture me on how great she is at research and how she had to do all sorts of it for her bachelor's degree.  Apparently snopes isn't on her research list.

    We also stopped by FIL's new old house.  The original house is from the 1800s and they're adding about a 2400 sq ft addition.  It's AMAZING.  He's got a monster tractor with the little barrels to pull kids behind.  He's also got a golf cart he let the kids drive around so he could show them where the cow, pigs, chickens, and little horse will be.  It's also walking distance to an ice cream shop.  My kids are never going to want to leave.

    Sunday church.  It was supposed to storm and DH was being a butthead about what he wanted to do so I left and went shopping.  Then we went shopping for a foosball table, soccer socks, and a chair for DH at games.  Then we were going to go to Macaroni Grill so DH could get his favorite pasta dish.  Welp, the location is closed.  We ended up somewhere else simply because kids eat free.

    I'm hosting card club this week, plus a PTO meeting, executive meeting, swim lessons, dentist appointment, my folks are coming, DH's mom is supposed to take the kids to a Clippers game, 2 tball, 2 baseball, gymnastics, a Crew game, Bunco, and my nieces are supposed to come spend the night.  whew.  Maybe I shouldn't have typed that all out. 
  • @6fsn I want to hang out at your FILs house! And bonus points for being walking distance to an ice cream place! 
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    Little bit of grocery shopping on Friday.  It was my gambling day.  Should have quit while I was ahead, lol.  My Mexican food mystery shop turned out to be Saturday, but at least I saw my mistake before going!

    Saturday, my H and I did my lunch mystery shop after getting our p/t independent contracting job done.  It was delicious, as always.  The rest of Saturday and Sunday was very relaxing.

    Monday.  Meh.  All I can do right now is count down two more weeks until my 4-day 4th of July weekend.

    Edited to add:

    This week is looking like a nightmare, weather-wise.  There is a formation in the Gulf shaping up to be a tropical storm.  It isn't expected to hit the U.S. directly (but could) and is expected to be minor.  But that doesn't mean it isn't going to pour rain like the sky is falling.  It's 60-100% thunderstorms, every day, from Tues.-Fri.

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    Hey there, hi there.  The weekend was...what it was. 

    Friday night, the kiddo left for camping with family friends.  DH went to work.  

    Saturday, DH was *supposed* to get home around 4am and didn't show up until almost 7am because his boss overslept and forgot to come in early.  Good thing we we skipped the wedding because we would have never made it.  He woke up around 10am (I know!) and we went to get his tires balanced and rotated.  We took both cars and went shopping while we waited for his car.  When we got home, DH started gathering stuff for his upcoming trip.  He crashed around 7 and woke up a little after 9 and then was up until 4am.  The poor man was just fucked on sleep this weekend. 

    Sunday, I got up and made breakfast.  DH woke up around 10am.  We did breakfast and then went to exchange some shorts and return a battery we'd bought for the lawnmower that didn't work.  DH went back to bed when we got home and woke up when the kiddo had to go to work.  I went with DefConn to my parent's to do father's day with my dad.  FIL and DH were supposed to do dinner, but that turned into a snafu.  I felt bad that DH's father's day kinda sucked.  I wish we (he) wouldn't have farted around on trying to make that stupid wedding because then we could have had time to change the plans and have my family and FIL over instead, but you know... *shrug emoji* 

    I'm feeling every bit of this being a Monday.  :-/
  • Hi.

    my weekend was too quick and today seems like I can only get on the internet for 5 minutes at a time. 

    DH pissed me off this morning because I woke up with a shock because it was 7:10. Normally, his alarm starts going off at 5:30 and he snoozes it till 6 (or 6:30. I know, I hate him too ;) ) He asks if there is coffee so I jump out of bed to make some so he get get in the shower, get ready, and have a chance to have a cup before leaving at 8. Coffee was brewing, I go up stairs because it is quiet, he is still in bed, I nudge him a little 'Baby, it's 7:30.' And That is when he decides to tell me that he took the morning off to go to the (UAE equivalent of) the DMV, which doesn't open till 10. 

    So I have been up since 7:30, when I didn't get into bed before 2 the night before, and I will be up until then again tonight. Needless to say, I am tired and grumpy.
  • @missJeanLouise  yikes! Rough morning :(
  • Urg! I'm trying to efile something with our system and it's giving damn issues.

    It's giving me messages that are messing things up .... guhh
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    My engagement ring broke.  :( I was at the dog park with Mutt, and my ring caught on something. Normally it's just the setting, but not today. 

    Apart from that, it's been a glorious first day of vacation. Slept in, took Mutt to the park, came home and had lunch, then took a nap. About to take Mutt out and give him his dinner, then leave for my meeting.
  • @ILoveBeachMusic I'm so happy your pup is feeling better!!!!
  • CharmedPamCharmedPam Chicagoburbs member
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    My engagement ring broke.  :( I was at the dog park with Mutt, and my ring caught on something. Normally it's just the setting, but not today. 

    Apart from that, it's been a glorious first day of vacation. Slept in, took Mutt to the park, came home and had lunch, then took a nap. About to take Mutt out and give him his dinner, then leave for my meeting.

    Sorry about the ring :(

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