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Marriage Certificate

Has anyone incorporated the signing of the cert into their ceremony? We are having a completely secular ceremony, so our officiant is open to whatever. 

Re: Marriage Certificate

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    Only our priest, MOH, and BM had to sign the certificate, so we didn't incorporate anything.
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    We might.  My sister did it in hers, it was nice.  I'm trying to keep our ceremony at right around 15 minutes, so if other things are running long we may do the certificate at another point during the day.
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    We didn't. Our MOH and BM signed it afterwards.
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    We did not, signing  had to be witnessed by someone from the court system in Florida when we applied for the license, the certificate is what you get later from the court, to prove there was a marriage/wedding.  You'll want to make sure what you have to do in your state/county/town. 

    Everyone confuses the two terms, so perfectly understandable.  However, in some religious ceremonies, there's a certificate that is signed, that the couple can use for framing, etc.  However, in most cases it isn't considered to be a legal document, more of a souvenir of the event. 
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    We signed ours during the marriage ceremony.  The bride, groom, and two witnesses have to sign it here.  After we lit the unity candle my husband, matron of honor, best man, and I signed it.  Our ceremony was pretty short so it did add a few minutes to it which was nice. 
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