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A ) I started listening to "That's why we drink" after your suggestion in the other thread.  Love it!

B ) Have you listened to Casefile's 3-parter on Jonestown?

C ) Have you listened to Dirty John?  Everyone says it's 'soooo good' and I'm not seeing it. I felt like it was too much willful ignorance for a 60 year old thrice-divorced person.  I don't think I made it through the 1st ep before I just could not any longer. 

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    A) I got it off this list.
    there are a couple I tried and didn’t like and a few I haven’t listened to yet.

    B) I have listened to all of the the Casefiles. Did you like that one? Jonestown was one of the first cases that really got me into true crime. I remember it happening as a kid.

    C) I avoided until last week. Then another podcast (Real Crime Profile or something similar) did a real episode on it, not one of those intro shows. The old lady drove me crazy but when they started getting into the dudes life and why he was dirty John, I liked it. Plus I loved the sassy daughter that was like fuck this guy the whole time. Try to get to episode 3.

    A.2: I like TIWWD too! It is very MFM. I have been trying All Killer, no filler which I originally liked because it is two British ladies and I like the slang but idk anymore. Taking a break.

  • I've not listened to too much Casefile, but the Jonestown case is also captivating to me.  My friend told me to listen to it.  Jones got his start in Indy, so now I want to go find the sites of his churches here.  Casefile's deep dive is fascinating.  I'm through part 2 and my friend said part 3 is the worst one.  I was having anxiety toward the end of it with all the stuff Jones was doing to those poor people. 

    I like Clemente's other podcast, Best Case, Worst Case. I got out of listening to Real Crime Profile because the format was off-putting to me.  

    I may try Dirty John again on our trip. 
  • I love Casefile. I love his voice and the way he tells the stories because he is so matter of fact and doesn’t try to influence the listener.

    i am not a huge fan of true crime profile either, I listen because i run out of new things. 
    I will have to listen to his other one.
  • I watched an incredible doco about Jonestown years ago covering him start to finish. The audio and video from there actually scared me. It is so chilling. I am intrigued by those charismatic types and Jones is certainly one of those. He was terrifying 
  • DH and I are binge watching MindHunter on Netflix. I think you would like it. Fiction but Ed Kemp is portrayed pretty accurately.
  • DH and I are binge watching MindHunter on Netflix. I think you would like it. Fiction but Ed Kemp is portrayed pretty accurately.
    Yes!  I plan to watch that.  
  • I'm on ep 2 of Mindhunter.  SO good.  The dialogue is great and I'm loving the characters and setting. 

    Just know there's a decent amount of nudity and cursing, very NSFW. Plus they don't shy away the gory stuff...some pretty graphic crime scene photos are shown.  
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