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A subtle head's up is OK.

Dear Prudence,

I’m male and on friendly terms with a female co-worker who has some visual impairment. Occasionally, she might have something a little off in her attire: a large red lipstick stain on her glasses or an undone button on her blouse. Recently, she wore a shirt backward, and the tag was sticking out. I’ve given subtle heads-ups to my male co-workers for things like unzipped zippers but don’t want to be seen as policing a woman’s appearance. Then again, I would appreciate similar warnings myself, especially before meetings with clients. Is there a way to help without being overbearing?

Re: A subtle head's up is OK.

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    Treat her the same way you would treat a male co-worker. If you would tell Jim is shirt is one backwards you should tell Jane. 

    Agreed!  While I can't predict how any particular person would respond, I had something like this happen to me.  Except it was a total stranger, not even a coworker.

    I was wearing a long skirt that had two layers.  The top layer was almost totally see through.  I had used the restroom and gotten the bottom liner/layer tucked into my skirt.  Within a few minutes, a man approached me and alerted me to the issue!  It was super cringe-worthy on my part, but I was SO GLAD he hadn't been too shy or afraid I'd be offended, to say something to me.  I definitely thanked him for the kindness.

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