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Wedding Woes

I don't think you need to explain a gift.

Dear Prudence,

About three years ago, I decided to lose significant weight. I bought myself an expensive designer coat in a small size as motivation. Now, I’ve lost a lot of weight but will realistically need to lose much more to fit into the coat. That’s probably three more years of having to stare at this coat in my closet. It makes me feel like a failure when I see it, and I’d like to give it to a friend who I know would really enjoy it. However, I’ve been very private about my weight loss, and I don’t really know how to explain why I have such a small coat. It’s also exceedingly more expensive than gifts we would ever give each other, so I feel like I’m going to need to provide some sort of explanation. Any advice on what I can tell my friend?

—Goal Clothing Giveaway

Re: I don't think you need to explain a gift.

  • "This made me think of you.   I hope you like it" 
  • “I bought this a while ago and never wear it, do you want it?”
  • If you're good enough friends to give a designer coat you should be good enough friends to where this other person wouldn't care about your reasoning on why you purchased it. I also don't get the line about being private about her weight loss because she also says she's lost a a lot of weight which would be noticeable to people presumably. Maybe she just means she doesn't really talk about it, even with friends? 
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