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NOT all inclusive?

Has anyone had luck finding a venue that is NOT all inclusive -  meaning they arent supplying the photographer, caterer, DJ, etc.  Id like to bring in some of my own vendors but it seems like everyone is offering all inclusive packages. 

Also for reference, I live in Vegas and NOT looking to have a wedding on the Strip. 

Re: NOT all inclusive?

  • That may depend a lot on what type of venue you're looking for, and which vendors / goods you're wanting to supply using alternate sources.  This isn't specific to Vegas but in general, most wedding-specific service providers attempt to do a lock in on all things wedding; this is especially true of venues, and they'll typically use the excuse of insurance or some other BS, easily solved by simply requiring third party vendors have actual business entities and provide proof of liability insurance with coverage amounts agreeable to the venue.

    From a Vegas perspective, if you go through a 'wedding coordinator' at any venue, strip or not, chances are you'll get locked in and they won't care enough about your business to allow you to attempt a 'well I want to use my own vendor or I won't use your venue' threat.

    If you go with a venue that is not a wedding-specific provider, and perhaps go through group sales instead of 'wedding' if they have such staff, you may get much further with an attempt to use third parties.  For example, I had a 120+ person wedding at a restaurant which, at the time, was Mix at THEHotel (now Rivea at Delano).  If I had made the mistake of going through MGM/Mandalay wedding coordination, no way I'd have pulled it off.  Instead, I just went to the restaurant directly, group sales, and did a restaurant buy-out for the night of our wedding and reception.  All they cared about was meeting their food and beverage minimum for the buy-out, and they had no problem with us bringing in our own vendors for photo, video, DJ, cake, floral.

    Married in Vegas - June 2011

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