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Online therapy, maybe?

Dear Prudence,

Lately I’ve become very anxious and insecure, partly because of some relationship issues and partly because of a really stressful job I just quit. Then, during a fight with a close friend, he implied our friends think I’m a mean person. I’ve been turning those words over and over in my mind ever since. All this to say, I think I might benefit from therapy. But I live in a very small town, and there is only one sliding-scale therapist office (I can’t afford anything else). And I have just been hired to do a big freelance writing project for that same office.

I know that they wouldn’t fire me for it, but I’m terrified of going there for therapy while also working for them (both require my physical presence). What if one of the people who hired me sees me in the waiting room and thinks I’m there for work when I’m actually there for an appointment? What if someone I work for ends up being my actual therapist? It seems like a recipe for intense awkwardness and added stress, and I’ve sort of resigned myself to just not going, but I really think it might help. Do you have any advice? I can’t turn down the job, or I wouldn’t be able to pay my rent the next couple months.

—Therapist and Boss

Re: Online therapy, maybe?

  • MesmrEweMesmrEwe member
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    It'd be an ethics violation to have therapy there until the work is done.  

    Therapy may not be necessary, a change of venue and social circle might...
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  • I missed this Prudie last week.  I like the title.  I think it's great there are so many online therapy options nowadays.  It seems something like that would be better than nothing...and maybe it's as good as in-person therapy anyway...for people who don't have access to in-person therapy.  Either for cost, location, or hours differences.  I agree the PP should absolutely not have therapy sessions at this particular office.  At least not until after the project is done.

    The other advice I'd give to the LW is, while I think some self-reflection is a valuable tool.  Especially if someone says something in a constructive criticism way.  There is also a fine line where self-reflection can become obsessive and self-destructive.  This is a supposed friend.  Who was passing along mean comments.  Supposedly said by other friends.  Possibly out of context and/or misunderstood.  And also keeping in mind these words were said in anger and during a fight.  LW should not put much stock in it.
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