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Thursday! Draft Day! Almost Long Weekend Day!

Cannot wait for the long weekend. I’m just ready for a bit of a break. H is busy all weekend with his fantasy drafts so I have some serious plans to relax. But we have to get there first!

Hows everyone else’s Thursday looking?

Re: Thursday! Draft Day! Almost Long Weekend Day!

  • climbingsingleclimbingsingle NYC 'burbs member
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    We're apparently getting new printers at work and it's a shit show. We had no notice. These printers are HUGE and we're now rearranging the offices. So angry. 

    Already have holiday weekend brain. We're having a BBQ tomorrow at work so that will be fun. 
  • VarunaTT said:
    I'm going to take a half day tomorrow.  I don't really have the PTO time to spend, I should be banking it, but I need the time off.

    One of my friends who has a recent break up posted that she wanted a drunken dance party, only listening to Nicki, Missy, Lizzo, and Kim, while someone lets her borrow their washer and dryer to do her laundry.  I was like, Hey, Hi, hello, I can do these things for you.  So looks like I'm hosting a drunken dance party only listening to Nicki, Missy, Lizzo, and Kim, while doing laundry this weekend.  :D

    Other than that, the new Dark Crystal Netflix series drops tomorrow and I am so incredibly excited, both for the story, but also the puppetry.  I am so tired of CGI, I honestly think it's starting to ruin some of the movie magic for me.
    Can I come?? I’ve been listening to the Lizzo Tiny Desk concert on repeat today!
  • levioosalevioosa Southern California member
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    Yesterday I went to tea with my mom and grandma. We tried a new place and it wasn’t very good, although the tea was okay. I’ve always wanted to try it though so now I know what I’m not missing. 

    Today I have an appointment and then I’m cleaning the house for the movie party we’re having on Saturday. I get my hair done tomorrow and I’m looking forward to that. We’re doing a staycation with brunch at the local nice hotel for a night with FSIL and her FI for Labor Day. I’m so excited for brunch. I’m trying to be good and work out every day until Sunday. Only three more days left. 

  • OliveOilsMomOliveOilsMom South Jersey member
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    Casenda - We have Hamilton tixs for October!  I'm so excited!  There is some $10 ticket deal for last minute, but not sure how it works.

    I have my FF draft today too!  I think I'm all set!  Last year, I autodrafted since I couldn't make the draft.  I put in players that I wanted, not realizing they would be autodrafted first.  So my first round pick was a TE ::face palm::, so you can imagine how terrible my team was!  Some how I ended up in 9th place instead of 10th, but that was just me trying to scrape a decent team together each week through FA.

    Last night was nice.  Yoga was good even though we were kicked out of the seminar room and had to make do in the library.  I made some air fryer hash browns with Penzey's Rocky Mountain seasoning and eggs for dinner when I got home.  So amazing!  Then H made a double batch of chocolate chip cookies (some for his office, some for my draft tonight and the rest for us!) and I helped scoop them out (and eat the dough too - LOL).

    And today is not my Friday, but it is Prudie day!
  • 6fsn6fsn member
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    Not much here. It’s really nice out but I’ve got work to do.  Another curriculum night tonight. 

    i keep forgetting it’s a 3 day weekend. 
  • No motivation today but I know I need to get stuff done. Tomorrow is our last short day for summer hours. I've gotten so used to working from home on Fridays and clocking out at 2 it will be a shock next week. 

    I haven't paid much attention to the hurricane but my mom was just telling me grandma is worried because they are in the current path. I thought it was going up the east coast and they would be ok inland but I guess I was wrong. I just Amazon Prime'd her a box of nutty bars as a little pick me up treat. I couldn't think of anything else except snack cake type things. 

    0 plans for the long weekend. I asked my parents if they wanted to come up one day to see B but somehow we're having trouble agreeing on a time (they're not paying attention to his nap time I told them) so we will see what happens. 
  • ei34ei34 member
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    Just getting in from a day of  back to school type stuff at work. Within two minutes of walking in I gathered that the kids were off the wall BSC.  After a summer of here and there "I wish I was the one sitting around doing nothing all day" comments from H , the small part of me that I allow to feel petty feels great right now  >:) 

    My parents left today and my brother, one of my sisters and BIL leave tomorrow for my cousin's DW in Jamaica.  They're in Hurricane Dorian's path so hoping for smooth travel.  I should actually do some hurricane prep here too...we're close to two bodies of water and sometimes get residual effects, even so far north.

    ETA not 1 not 2 but 3 misspellings wtf
  • @kvruns, good luck to your grandma!  And @ei34, good luck to your family going to the DW in Jamaica!  Well wishes for FL, the Caribbean and anyone else in Dorian's path.  One of my cousin's lives in Jacksonville.  It's far enough inland I don't think they ever have to evacuate, but they have the potential for lots of rain and some flooding.
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