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Wedding Woes


I'm irrationally annoyed by the heat.  It happens this way every year; we get a fall teaser, and then back to fucking summer.  Grr. 

We might be taking a long weekend next month over DefConn's fall break and go to KY.  I made a hotel reservation just in case. 

Other than that, SSDD.  Tired of work, but I work through Saturday.  So I definitely need to suck it up.  ;) 


Re: Thursday

  • climbingwifeclimbingwife NYC 'burbs member
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    I'm also angry at this heat. It was so humid this morning! Looks like it's going to be raining most of the day. 

    SSDD day here mostly. I've got 2 people on my team out and it's busy. I just want it to be 5pm on Friday already. 

  • Happy Prudie Day. It’s chilly and rainy here but we had the stupid heat and humidity yesterday. 

    Im ready for the weekend. We don’t have much planned but I’m sort of over work. Nothing is wrong I’d just prefer to be home napping. 
  • @OliveOilsMom, a few years ago, we did a major upgrade where we built a big deck off our back bedroom and took the back window out to put in a French door leading out to it.  But we did the door first, before even starting on the deck.  It was both funny and weird to see a giant hole on the back wall of our bedroom, lol.  Even better, our house is raised 2.5'-3' off the ground.  So you'd look out the hole and it's an "ankle spraining" drop, lol!  Enjoy the new siding and I hope you all like the door they're bringing.

    If I keep my nose to the grindstone today, I should still be able to take tomorrow off (crossing fingers!).  In my imagination...where I can be blunt and less PC...I'd set up an auto-responder to my e-mail that says simply "Leave Me Alone".  LMAO.  I wish.  But back to reality where I have to be polite and professional.
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  • levioosalevioosa Southern California member
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    We also had a baby teaser where it cooled down by twenty degrees, but now we’re getting hit with summer again. It’s going to be 102 for the next few days. I’m so annoyed. 

    Work called me to ask if I could come in for an extra shift today, but I don’t think I can do it. I work the next three days and I am so fatigued I just need to work on getting through those. Getting three hours of sleep yesterday after a busy day at DL really took me out. I’ve also been having a flare up and in general I’ve just been exhausted to the point where basic functions are hard to do.  

    Last night we booked our cabin for Octoberfest. We’re staying with FSIL and her FI. I’m excited. The place even has one of those stand up popcorn makers. I don’t know why that amuses me so much. It also only has the two bedrooms which will make it easy to say “nope, sorry, no room!” When the rest of FI’s family tries to crash for free like they did last year. 

  • It was nice a cool. I was excited to be able to wear a sweater and not die. It wasn't so cold I needed jacket either.

    Only good thing is that I wasn't ready for closed toe shoes and BabyKitten has some dresses I wanted to put her in still lol

    Yesterday was her 12m appt {just over 2 weeks late lol} 18lbs! Both M and I would have bet on her being 20lbs though.
    Dr said she may have a bit of a cold since she has a cough, but could also be teething. I think we're looking at humidifiers soon though.

    Does anyone have a suggestion on what I should look for in one? I remember putting one on my baby registry but took it off thinking that I may not need it for awhile and if I did, I'd get my own.
  • Oh yeah lingering summer weather into autumn really grinds my gears.  Actually having two season's worth of the kids' clothes is one of my biggest FWPs.  I wish it would just abruptly go from the 80s to the 60s so I could push the summer clothes through. 
  • Urg cannot get the video uploaded here :( 

    Gonna try again later. May have to upload via instagram 

    @ei34 ; Urg right!? I've got BabyKitten's summer and fall stuff out. Luckily she's kinda between sizes so I'm able to pull stuff she didn't wear and isn't fitting into out
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