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Bla- no, relaxation Friday

Schools are closed so I'm off and recouping from yesterday.  Thanksgiving was lovely- how was everyone's?  (Maybe it's just my tablet but this font looks huge, sorry if it ends up enormous lol).
December snuck up on me...the last several years there's a week between Thanksgiving and the start of Advent.  I do 25 Days of Christmas books with the kids...each day of December they unwrap a book to read with breakfast.  I just realized I need to wrap all those books before Sunday.  And like 10 other things along those lines...I really got used to the early Thanksgiving  :D

Re: Bla- no, relaxation Friday

  • So being Canadian, I didn't have yesterday off, but the majority of the work I do involves the States, so it was so quiet at work.  It's been crazy busy lately, so even though I had to work, yesterday felt like a holiday.  It was wonderful to get caught up.
    So much to do, and I just want to sleep ... I kept repeating to myself that December 8th is coming, because that was the first day in about three weeks where I don't have anything scheduled to do, but inevitably something will come up.  

  • @ei34 I like the idea of doing books, and we've toyed with the idea of doing something different than chocolate. Likely my mum will still do a chocolate advent calendar with BabyKitten

    @kerbohl I keep forgetting you're Canadian lmao

    I have such a headache. It's fading now - luckily - but omg. I think it's sinus mixed with a knot in my neck/shoulder.
    BabyKitten has been sleeping like shit, so I'm sure being tired is not helping.

    It's M's last day at work and he's got a half day. I've asked him to do the garbage, unload and reload the dishwasher before he starts playing video games - so fx it happens!
    We have some boxes to drop at UPS, so I'm hoping he picks those up before he leaves.

    Weekend plans -
    Saturday - hit up thrift store for M's costume for my xmas party. 1920's murder mystery.

    Sunday - Costco with my mum. She wants to look at their gift set ideas

    We did Santa last night and BabyKitten is officially 18 months!
  • We bought a washer and dryer today! Got a great deal and also purchased a new television. My mother in law is still here so we might venture out to shop in a bit. 
  • levioosalevioosa Southern California member
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    Thanksgiving was actually really good. I got to see some family that I normally don’t get to, and the food was great. Then we came home and FSIL and her FI came over and we went out for our yearly tradition. Today we’re debating on doing some shopping. I just bought my tires and tomorrow or Sunday I’ll go to get them installed. Ugh, adulting. I also spent an unfortunate amount of money at Sephora with their Black Friday deals. 

  • Thanksgiving was good. Still recovering from being sick, so we ended up leaving my in laws early. H left this afternoon for camp; it’s officially hunting season so he’ll be there until Wednesday. The dog was so sad he stood in front of the door and cried when H left.  Now he’s snoring on the couch snuggled up with me. 
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    I did some black friday shopping while in winnipeg - and Canada: ya’ll need to brush up on your definition of what a sale is.  I really missed Kohl’s and Macy’s!! I bought some stuff but I think I paid what I would have if I were in the states so nbd for me. The sweater was unique but I’m sure the jeans I could have gotten in America for that price or cheaper. Oh well.  I’m with family and it’s great!

  • @CharmedPam What place? I know some places are sucky when it comes to sales, but I know some places are really good.
    Also ... keep in mind that Black Friday isn't a Canadian thing ;)
  • CharmedPamCharmedPam Chicagoburbs member
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    Reitman's and superstore.  We had 2 kids so our shopping was very limited. 

  • @CharmedPam Reitmans has a better online sale, but general sense they don't jump on the black friday deals.
    Superstore either. Mostly because they're a damn rich ass company who argue it's also a grocery store *hard eye roll*
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