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Wedding Woes

Vendor DIED!!!

I just received an email from my wedding planner letting me know that my DJ passed away a couple of weeks ago. Our wedding is on February 15, 2020 so we have just a short time to find a new DJ which isn't that big of an issue. 

My main thoughts and concerns are our $500 deposit. I know this is horrible to think about when we just had him pass away but we also don't have the largest budget so I am wondering what happens to that deposit.

Has anyone had their vendor pass away? What should we do? Any suggestions?

Re: Vendor DIED!!!

  • Give it some time and ask your wedding planner how to handle it. 
  • MobKazMobKaz Chicago suburbs member
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    Agreed that it needs to be given some time, and it is probably best to let your planner handle it.  What does your contract say regarding events that prevent the business from fulfilling its duties?  You are probably not his only client, so I am guessing there must be some way to handle this issue.
  • First - know you aren't the first knottie who has ever dealt with this situation.  

    Next...  A lot of the answer is going to depend on the type of business that the DJ had and how it was structured.  A sole proprietorship is going to be a lot different than if the DJ was working for or the umbrella for a group of DJ's.  Read your contract as there should be a "failure to perform/acts of God" clause.  Also, your credit card company ("The vendor died without performing the event - what are your options?"), check on your state's laws for the estate aspects.  Oddly enough, call the DJ's number because if there's a spouse involved they likely have a plan of some sort in place, or possibly they're booking in another DJ to perform the events.  You won't know until you pick up the phone and diplomatically yet firmly ask.  Good luck!  

    Also, believe it or not, this happened to a friend of mine in another state.  They were on their way to an event out of state when the trailer hauling all of their equipment was stolen while they were sleeping in the hotel.  Few months later got the trailer back but none of their stuff, rebuilding things back up, freak accident, his partner died at the scene of a crash.  The structure was such that one or the other could take over, and sure didn't make things easy on the surviving individual, but, the backup was in place along with a network to pop into action.
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  • MyNameIsNotMyNameIsNot Atlanta member
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    Check your contract and talk to the planner first. If the DJ contracted as an individual, not a business, it would be up to their executor/heirs to return the funds. In that case, it would be ok to reach out and ask what the plan is for refunds, but not right now. Imagine if you'd just lost your spouse in the middle of the holidays and some stranger called you a week later looking for $500! If your planner has a relationship with this person well enough to have quickly heard about the death, he/she may also hear about the plan for refunds. But prepare yourself. It's possible that your DJ passed without leaving behind any assets for survivors to return the deposit from. 
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