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  • kerbohl said:
    @short+sassy That's crazy!  So short notice - I hope no other surprises come up for you!
    I already had one.  I suddenly couldn't log into my computer anymore.  With an error message that my account restricted and could not be logged into.  I hope everything is smooth on Monday, but I'm not counting on it.

    By the time IT called me back about an hour later, he said to check again because those will usually reset after 30 minutes.  It was fine.  He had no explanation for why it happened.  I thought it had something to do with the move, though no one else seemed to have that trouble.  He said it didn't but, I dunno, that was awfully coincidental.  For something I've never had happen in the 6 1/2 years I've been here.

    For more fun.  I assumed him and his team were the ones moving the computers and reconnecting them.  Nope.  I think it's pretty weird they are not.  But he said he only happened to hear about the move when he was at our building the other day and someone mentioned it.  Oh!  But it's going to be him and his team who will be getting a ton of phone calls if Mon. turns out to be the s**t show I'm expecting, as people try to connect to the networks.

    Another update.  I was complaining to a coworker across the hall from me.  She was the one who told me a few weeks ago that her department and a different one were moving to another floor.  Apparently, at that time, it was what she "heard" but no one told her officially.  Her office move was on the layout sent last Fri.  That was the only "notice" she got.  She said she is still angry that no one has had the courtesy to come personally tell her.  She said she's contemplated quitting, she felt so disrespected by that!  We made plans to go out for lunch next week and b**ch away from "office ears", lol.

    I was actually pretty shocked!  I don't really have a direct boss, other than the Big Boss who oversees everything.  And I'm the only one, in one of my departments, so while I was PO'ed I felt forgotten, I could see how it happened.  But she is part of a big department.  I assumed what was happening with that department's move had been relayed down to the team leads and they'd passed the info along to their teams.  But I guess not.  

    Needless to say, while I don't envy the main guy who has been in charge of this move, the lack of communication/information has really added to the angst.
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  • climbingwifeclimbingwife NYC 'burbs member
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    Rage Against The Machine. They're playing the Boston Calling music festival in May. 
    Ah ok! I saw a few festivals and only one that could be 90s was Foo Fighters lol
    That's the same festival. Foo Fighters are headlining Friday night. RATM came out in the 90s as well. 
    Are you seeing Foos also or just going the day of Rage?
    Just Saturday to see Rage. I can't hang like I used to...hahaha. 

  • I went through a bunch of Old Navy for BabyKitten and myself
    Yehhhh .... I could have easily spent $430! Damn. Cute stuff .... hopefully it stays in stores and I can purchase some in person lol
  • I am just sick and I can't believe I was so stupid.  I just had my review and my direct manager 100% LIED on it.  My direct manager, D and the CFO, A, were supposed to give the reviews.

    Important Info:  My attorney, B, told me what he gave me on his review right after he did it (approx 3-4 months ago).  He told me that D had asked him a specific question and he answered it, but she made him uncomfortable, so he was telling me what he said.  The question D asked is about something I do that seems to really chap her hide (it's an organizational technique, I have no idea what drives her crazy about it except that I'm competent, efficient, and good at my job because of organizing a very large workload.  Other people aren't and go crying to her a lot.  I do not).

    I just got my review and the statement my attorney told me he made to her, is written down 100% the opposite.  D wasn't in the room yet, just A.  I saw it, turned to A and I said, "D is lying.  That is not what B told me he said, at all.  He told me he said the exact opposite."  A admitted she thought it was odd and had intended to ask me about it.  A says she will circle around to B and clarify with him.  D comes in, review continues.  I sign my review because I don't want to start a fight over not signing it with D and then am told I won't get a copy.  I'm slightly still stunned over the entire thing and head out.

    So now, I'm out of my review, I've signed it, AND I don't have a copy.  I'm sick to my stomach, I'd be peeved at a client for doing this.  I've already sent an email to A, outlining what happened and what our agreement was and that I signed my review with that agreement in mind and if it didn't happen, I revoked my agreement.  B has also agreed to call A at 4:15 to talk to her and tell her, "I don't know what it says, Varuna didn't have a copy, but here is what I told D."

    I can't believe my fucking manager lied.  Like, a decision was MADE and it was to LIE.  I hate her so much right now.  I'm glad it's Friday because I would lose my mind if I had to come back in to work tomorrow.
  • Damn @VarunaTT that’s horrible, so you think B is going to stand up for you and make it right with A? That’s super shitty. I know people can be shady but to all out lie is effed up. 
  • Jen4948Jen4948 Houston member
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    It's been a weird week, because I am a lame duck at my job. I am starting a new job soon and am working out the notice period, so basically I'm tying up whatever loose ends I can. Even weirder is that one of my co-workers suddenly stopped working for the company I am leaving (here one day and gone the next). I don't know if he quit or was terminated (I have the feeling he was terminated). Adding to the weirdness is that my new employer wants me to attend a seminar that is scheduled within the notice period, and my about-to-be-former boss has been away. So I'm not sure exactly when my last day will be. I'm guessing that it will be the day before the seminar, and that I will be officially working for my new employer when I go to the seminar. But I'm not 100% sure.

    Beyond that, trying to hang in.

    Have fun at Monster Jam @mrsconn23! I hope your kids are feeling fully recovered @banana468.
  • ILoveBeachMusicILoveBeachMusic Indiana member
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    kvruns said:
    @ILoveBeachMusic have fun! Can DS1 go to the Rock n Roll HOF with DH so you don't have to? 
    Oh yeah, DS1 will be going too. I just don't want to sit around the house alone, since it's not my house.
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