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Coronavirus - Ways to include my MOH in the ceremony even though she won't make it?

Due to the Coronavirus we have had to adjust our wedding plans. Our new plan is to keep our wedding ceremony on our original date in Aug of 2020 and then have our reception in a year or two. We're moving our wedding ceremony to our backyard which backs up to a park. We'll have our wedding ceremony for however many we're allowed to have gather at that time (10 people? 50?) and then any other local friends and relatives who want to pull up a blanket and social distance in the park while they watch our wedding, can do so. We're also going to live stream the ceremony for those who can't/won't make it.

My Maid of Honor is the only person in our bridal party who lives out of state. I don't think that she should travel for our ceremony. This isn't worthy anyone getting sick or dying from. Are there any ways that I can include my MOH in the ceremony or at least acknowledge that she's part of the bridal party? I know that she'll be able to watch the ceremony online. That's not what I'm referring to. She's been one of my closest friends for decades. I want to find a way for her to still be recognized as part of the bridal party.

Re: Coronavirus - Ways to include my MOH in the ceremony even though she won't make it?

  • Leave it up to your MOH to decide if she wants to travel or not.  If she decides not to, have a bouquet on-par with your wedding flowers delivered to her house that day.  August is a ways off yet and many states are still planning the full run of county and state fairs in August, so it'll be anyone's guess where things are at at that point.  
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