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Quick vent and good vibe suggestions

Hi!  I'm supposed to be getting married next Friday, the 29th, obviously that's not happening and I've already moved the wedding to October.  People keep reaching out saying how sorry they are for all of this and at first I'm like, "No, it's fine I'm ok.."; but as I get closer, I;m starting to feel not ok, and just really sad.  Anyone have any suggestions on how to keep my sanity to help get through the next week?  Any good vibes or kind words of wisdom are appreciated <3


Re: Quick vent and good vibe suggestions

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    Plan something special to do with your FI. Make a nice dinner and do a nice date night in.  Maybe even do some private vows with each other.  

    Its also ok to be sad and cry about this.  Nothing is normal anymore, so do what you can to get by.  But if you plan this nice dinner or a picnic if allowed in your area - it would give you something to look forward to and also something to tell your family and friends that keep asking. "Yes, we are upset over having to postpone, but FI and I have planned a special evening in and are looking forward to it!"
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    Some days we need to be reminded that it's o.k. to not be o.k.!  It's o.k. to shed your tears (or as some call it a "pity party for one") and get them out, it's healthier than bottling them up for later!  

    I agree with the PP in that you should go do what you can do with your FI given the restrictions where you live to still mark the day(s) (because let's face it, Wedding week is not a one-day event!)..  Talk to your baker and maybe get a sweetheart cake made for the two of you.  Make the meal entre'/sides you're going to have at the wedding.  Use your toasting glasses and cake knife/cutter!  Get a bouquet of flowers from your florist...  Mark the day in a special way for the two of you!
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