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Not engaged, but family drama prevails

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Hi all, sorry it is going to be long, skip to the bottom for the short version:

My SO and I have talked about getting engaged in the next 12 months (the sooner the better for me as I would love to get married next year). 

However, I have a fair bit of family drama (just like everyone I am sure) and I was hoping to get some advice surrounding it so I can stop freaking out. I would love to get married about 1 hour and 30 mins from where we live currently, which is quite rural and at my SO's family's property. 

My aunt and mother do not get along since my grandmother died in 2018. They do not even speak. 

My aunt has commented about there maybe a wedding soon and I brush it off but I am unsure whether to even invite her. She is disabled, lives alone, no children or partner or other family members (beside my sister and myself), cannot drive after dark (and I don't want that burden on my sister), doesn't like photos or other people and is basically a homebody and she never travels anywhere. I don't think she would want to travel to get there anyway, however, I don't want to give her the option as I believe my mother and father deserve to enjoy the day as well without being anxious and embarrassed of her sister/SIL (sorry to be blunt, but it is true). I do love my aunt, and I feel terrible as she only has my sister and me (although it is her fault I suppose - I am so torn). 

Do you guys think it would be offensive/selfish to offer to live-stream the wedding for her, get it all set up, get dinner delivered and a bottle of wine, so she can watch the wedding from the comfort of her own home (with a side benefit of not having the family drama)? 

SHORT VERSION: my mother and aunt do not get along. Would it be offensive to get her set up with a live stream of the ceremony, and get dinner and wine delivered for the ceremony?

Although I am not engaged yet, this is something that has been on my mind and hopefully, if I can make a decision now, it will be easier once we are engaged/start planning. Thank you so much in advance, it is much appreciated. 
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