Wedding Party

Alone on Wedding Day

I was married last week, and am feeling really sad about the day because I did not have anyone on my side who showed up. It's a long story, and obviously we had to downsize anyway because of COVID. However, in the end my bride had 12 guests, and I feel really lonely that I couldn't even convince one - it didn't even matter who at that point. I know that you might say guests are there for the both of us, but it's just not the same. She had a room full of laughter while getting ready, as I was sitting alone. Our photographer kept asking any other pictures I wanted, since I wasn't really in many of the photos. And all in all, now that I am married and people are asking me to tell the story, I just want to find a way to be happy with the day I had. Except every time I feel forced to tell it, it feels like reliving my loneliness all over again. I also don't want to take away from the incredible support that my wife had and ruin her memory of the day. 
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