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so.. no one is walking down the aisle but me and my fiance together. i like the idea and it's a small guest list too but i'm worried about what people will think. my mom is already shocked that my dad won't be walking me down. i feel bad for him.. my sister had my grandpa walk her down. i really want him to hold the rings to give him a role. idk.. this is just dabble. i just needed to let this out to people who will listen.

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    Sometimes when planning the wedding and all that it entails you have to stop thinking about everyone else and think about what you want.  Sure make a list of the important things that you want a certain way and then with the less important stuff ask yourself, "what would the guests like?"  It's always a great to be a nice host, but you still have to be happy with the decisions made.  If you aren't close with your dad or whatever the reason is that you only want to walk w/ you FH, then do that. 
    Weddings aren't so traditional anymore , or cliche, plus I don't think anyone really has the guts to go up to the bride and question her decisions or make her feel bad about them on the wedding day. 
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    If that's how you want to walk down the aisle, then go for it!  If your guest don't like it, then oh well.  They'll get over it. 
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    My father won't walk me down the aisle either, but in our culture it's normal for the bride and groom to walk together. Just go for it!
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    We have chosen not to have an aisle or a procession at all. We're greeting our guests together and seating everyone together, no sides. It was important to us to be together at the beginning of the ceremony and present a united, welcoming face to our guests. This is not the beginning of us as a couple, this is the beginning of us as a permanent fixture of our society. 

    No one is going to die of shock or get the vapors and you will be married at the end of the day. So what is right for you, and do it with love for your guests. 
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    My now husband and I walked down the aisle together. We chose it because, symbolically, it felt right, we were going into the marriage together. That, and I just didn't like the idea of being presented. It went great, and suited us and we found other ways to honor our all of our parents and grandparents. Go for it! I too was nervous what my traditional MIL would think and my dad too. But at the rehearsal, we just went through it as part of the program and made no issue about it. All went well :)
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