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Can we design a marriage invitation cards like business cards?

Now a days we are using marriage invitation cards to invite our relatives , neighbours , friends or our business partners .Before marriage we decide to print or design invitation cards ,then we go towards card shops and choose there a best template to print an invitation cards in large amount.
But now a days most of business men ,who they are do business in designing also printing of these invitation cards have extended their business on online websites for the ease of their clients who used to gone towards shop for order them to print their marriage invitation cards.
Now ,it is easy for them to go on google, search a websites related to printing or designing ,see their templates ,after choosing an eye catching template then give them an order and after some days ,these cards delivers.
According to my suggestion, its is a very easy way ,also a fast and less time consuming .But now i have thought that these marriage invitation cards should be converted into mini cards like business cards whose size are 8.9 x 5.1cm.According to me it will be a highly new trend for people to design and print a marriage invitation card like business card now.But i dont know this my idea has already came in market or i have visited most of business cards websites like,but there i have not found any kind of this printing and designing of marriage invitation cards.
If there's anyone free , then read it fully attention and tell me how is it possible?

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