Brides by Young disaster

Hi ladies-
any other Plus size big busted brides please learn from my mistakes. Don’t go to Youngs.  Do a quick look at the pictures below. The first is sample dress gave me a nice décolletage that I bought. the dress I picked up not so much.  The bra I’m wearing with the underwire in the middle of  my breast purchased from Young.  It is a44 D.  I wear a 44 G.  I was measured at a DDD and said I don’t think that is right. The manager assured me she knew her business but the wrote down a DD.  I trust her as a professional and you can see from the pictures how that worked out.  I didn’t really notice how  poorly the bra fit until I got home and tried my dress on again and was horrified.  I was on the wedding dress high in the store and brushed off my mom’s  questions about why the bra’ gore popped  out 3 inches . And the dress gave you a clear view to the skin. Mom, I shouldve listened.  The most troubling thing and I know you are saying that bra fit wasn’t the worst thing?  was the tag on my bra stated it only went up to a DD.  You can see on the picture. So did the manager  write down the wrong size on accident or on purpose?  I was stupid I trusted her as a professional to get the sizing right.  Note ladies: If you are big busted measure yourself before hand just in case.  I called the manager who measured me she said buy an extender. It didn’t work because as we can all see the cups are too small and then she didn’t return the next call.  I will give Youngs’ credit when I left a one star review they reached out quickly. Young herself called me to tell me I was completely wrong their bra went up to F.  When I said the tag on my bra clearly states the bra only goes up to DD she didn’t believe me so I told her I would send her a picture which I did and no one ever explained the tag. They would change the subject. It really shattered my trust in them as plus size exports . Young told me “we are a plus speciality shop” I said yes that is why I came to you.  The conversation was polite but extremely tense.  It was my fault it didn’t fit abd she kept calling me Jessica which was irritating as my name is Jennifer. But again to her credit she says she would get me a double F and tried to get me to yo a band size.  At first, I thought ok get the bra replacement but as I thought about my wedding being 3 months away and waiting two months for a bra that may or may not fit. I decided to ask for a refund.  

It should come as no surprise with my bra fitting so poorly that the bodice of the dress also fit so poorly. Please forgive me for the exposure of the pictures but that was what the Young VPdeemed not that big a deal. 

I had been told that dress could be pulled tight like the sample by everyone but a seamstress who did all my friend’s wedding dresses. ( straight and plus) said she could add straps add pleats or rebuild the entire bodice but I should be prepared that it wouldn’t look the same. I told her about the bra issues (she said that given how the bra fit it wasn’t worth wearing)But she recommended some seamstresses in Wisconsin and so I went to each of them and they all echoed her assessment. 

I reached to young again and said please refund my bra and I’m concerned about my bust. The VP listened and again I give her credit for that.  She said go to our seamstress your issues are standard issues I told her that the trust had been broken and  I was tired of hearing the same thing. I didn’t want to waste my time on a 4th person.   The VP also felt that the bust didn’t look that bad. In the store it didn’t but the minute I bent over or reached for something - all but my nipples were exposed.  

Sadly I had originally planned on going to the Young recommended seamstress but after I saw the poor  bra fit I was more than a little leery.  Also once she tore into the dress I had no control of what happened to it. Also Young it wasn’t offering to pay for it so it was my choice to go or not.  It should be noted I never asked or expected then to pay for anything. I just wanted things right. 

Then the VP read me my measurements from my fitting as I dayc  given the bodice the dress  probably should been ordered larger. Again, all the measurements were smaller than I am right now - weird because I lost 20! Pounds. Maybe weight watchers has been lying to me? It should be noted should be noted the measurements were never given to me nor on my order form which I have since learned isn’t standard practice for most boutiques The purchase measurements listed my bust  at 50.  I have lost 20 pounds since the purchase and Rigby and Peller measured me after I got the infamous Young bra as u  knew I would have to replace it.  They measured at a 51.5. Apparently engaged boobs are magic because after losing 20 pounds I gained 1.5 inches in my breasts but lost  inches everywhere else. It seems unlikely to me as I have always lost inches in my breasts when I lose weight. Agai, I challenge the measurement and I was ignored.  

Finally, I emailed and asked respectfully to allow me to return the dress and the bra. I also said I would give them the veil (350) for free because they could sell it and I would only give it to good will. In truth I just wanted to get rid of anything Youngs, I didn’t want to think about this debacle on my wedding day. The VP skimmed the email and aggressively told me “ there’s nothing wrong wrong with the veil”.  Uhm yeah, I said that and I didn’t ask for money. It should be noted when I asked for refund it was only after multiple tries to make things work because my wedding is 3 months away. I don’t benefit from giving up my dress.  That is how unhappy I was with the product because it couldn’t be fixed to be the dress I bought.   Young VP told  me “ they would not be taken advantaged of”. I took significant offense to this as it feels like I was taken advantage of with measurements, bra and weird tags.  Also, I paid full price and immediately. One item was clearly defective and the other I believed suffered the same issue.  Young VP  insulted my integrity and insinuated I was liar in that statement.  More than anything I wanted to be done with Youngs. 
I said refund my bra and we are done.  They still tried to get me to take one of their F bras. No, you think im
a liar, the bra you sold me has a tag that says it only goes up to a DD when your salesperson and  manager we’re both told I was a G multiple times.  I was assured by you and all your staff that my dress issues were standard and 3 different professionals tod me they were NOT.  I will add that even in the refund of the poorly fitting bra- the VP  said it was the bra I requested which it was not and she positioned it as they were doing me a favor abd not providing a reasonable level of customer service.  

If you finished reading this you are a champ because it was a saga. It was a very special moment ruined. T

Learn from my 2500 mistake.
1. Don’t go to Youngs 
2. measure yourself before hand and demand to see all measurements written down. 
3. Don’t let the wedding dress high get to you. Bring your most analytical and critical friend to see all issues from your bra to the lace on the dress.  And listen to them. 
4. Don’t go to Youngs

please learn from my mistake 

Re: Brides by Young disaster

  • I'm so sorry for all your bad experiences, during what should have been a fun and happy time.

    Fight for the refund or replacement on the bra.  But, even for a larger size, you can get something similar in time for your wedding.

    I actually think your dress looks great on you and doesn't show too much skin.  I know you said you were more concerned about that, if you leaned over.  Of course, it would be better if the dress fit more like how you expected it to.  But, at this stage in the game, maybe don't lean over or don't worry about it, if you need to.  I'm not trying to be insensitive, but you won't have to lean over that much, if at all, during your wedding and reception anyway. 

    Or could a seamstress add some extra, similar fabric where the "vee" is, to make it a "higher" vee?  Or if you wore the straps up on your shoulders instead of to the side, could they be tightened that way?  With the straps pulling "up" that should also the raise the bodice a little higher.  
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