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Your Face, Your Make-Up Choices

I’m in a wedding in a couple of weeks, and I’m worried about the makeup choice the bride has made for us. She is someone who is very trendy and doesn’t stop to think about how a trend actually looks. She sent a photo of her makeup. It’s a very trendy color palette and it looks terrible. I think she’s planning on having the same color palette for all the bridesmaids. I don’t think it would look good on any of us, all of whom have fair complexions. My question is, would it be rude to take some of the makeup off and put on colors that would look better? I’m thinking about doing it during the reception when she won’t notice, but maybe just before pictures too. I don’t like having my picture taken and am very self-conscious about how I look because I feel like I have a lot of masculine features. There’s a guy there that I kind of like, and I don’t want to look terrible in front of him.  What is appropriate etiquette?

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Re: Your Face, Your Make-Up Choices

  • Just. Say. No. 

    She can do what she likes with her face, but can’t tell you what to do with yours. 
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    Yep, you get to decide what make-up you wear, not the bride!

  • "Oh the colors on you look great however I think those don't flatter my complexion and I'm going to go with more (insert color palette here) tones." 

    She does not get to dictate your make up.  That's absurd. 
  • I have the impression there is going to be a MUA for getting ready.  I would cut that off at the pass by telling the bride she doesn't want that service and will do her own make-up.  The bride might get upset, though hopefully not.  But at least she is put on notice that, just because the LW is a bridesmaid, doesn't mean the bride gets to dictate how her make-up looks.

    If the LW agrees to the bride's make-up/MUA choice anyway, then there is also nothing wrong with freshening it up, including taking it off entirely and putting her own on.  Though I'd probably wait until after the ceremony and pictures are done.  Not that the bride is owed that, but it's the one concession I'd personally choose to make.
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