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Transcribers Don't Care, They Do Their Job

There’s a book—no, more than a book, lots of books—inside of me, just begging to pour out of my head. Mental illness and neurodivergence have been some really terrible, almost life-ending roadblocks to pursuing my writing dreams, but my new therapist has been a real help in getting me back to believing that I can be the writer I hope that I am. In our last session, she suggested that since I get so scared by trying to start something on a blank page but find talking out my book so easy, I should try talking out my writing and using a transcription service. It seems like a perfect solution; however, I’ve been so scared that a transcriber would find my book dumb that I just … can’t. (And I really need to use a human transcriber because of course my unusual accent plus mild speech impediment has led to some really terrible auto-dictation results.) What if they think my book sucks? Or the fact I use a hilariously bad approximation of a British accent when I “write” the love interest’s dialogue—how could they not find that idiotic? Or worse, hurtful, like I’m making fun? I know dictation is the solution to get back to writing again, filling the void that this years-long writer’s block has hollowed out in me, but … how do I manage that feeling of judgment I know is coming any time I hit record on the Voice Memo app?

—One Day a Writer

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Re: Transcribers Don't Care, They Do Their Job

  • Lots of people will think your book sucks once you publish it. Lots will love it. If you can’t help self-judgement to get started writing, being an actual writer is going to be so hard for you. 

    Talk with your therapist about this because it seems like you have more work to do on ignoring the judgement and doing what makes you happy. 
  • How about you call one, interview them and confirm that they are going to do their job without editorializing the comments?   
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    I don't think you're really ready to publish a book. If you're this worried about a transcriptionist who is basically going to mindlessly type every word you write, how are you going to handle an editor who is actually going to have opinions? 
  • I'm a little surprised/concerned that neither the LW nor the therapist have pointed out what a lot of you picked up on.  If the LW is that concerned about what a transcriptionist thinks...a job that doesn't involve a person giving any kind of opinion...then how are they going to handle an avalanche of rejection letters?  Or an editor slashing it to pieces with a red pen?

    Assuming they are able to get it published or self-publish and put e-books on sites like Amazon, readers are going to review it.  It could be the best book ever, but there would still be people who hate it and thinks it's trash.

    But, you know what, LW?  Hit "Record" on the Voice Memo app.  Don't think about if anyone else will ever hear it.  It sounds like part of what has been holding you back is that these books are bottled up, only in your mind.  Maybe just the process of speaking them out loud and recording your stories will help with your mental health.
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