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Where do you usually purchase your wedding decor materials?

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    It depends on what you're wanting to do.  For example, if you want a bud vase for a single rose, of all places, a dollar store... The thing you MUST ask before taking on any DIY project is how much are the nickels and dimes going to add up to?  It's one thing to DIY something you already own all the materials for (i.e. if you do woodworking and want some wooden pedestals for desserts at each of the tables, have the spare wood, stain, varnish, screws, etc. along with the saws and only need to purchase some bubble wrap for transport, that's a significantly different price point than if you need to purchase any of the materials.

    Ebay!  is a GREAT resource for many things as well. 

    Auction Houses locally to you (That's where I picked up my 120" round linens for my kid's First Communion gathering for $5 each)

    Marketplace and Craigslist are still your best bargain sites too...  Estate Sales (since we're in the heart of that season!) are another great option as well!!!
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