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Wedding gown in an Austin Healey?

Hi everybody,

Maybe I'm able to catch experienced brides here. Did anyone get an Austin Healey or other small roadster as transport on the wedding day? I'm a bit worried my dress won't fit in and my hair will get messy...

Any thoughts, ladies?


Re: Wedding gown in an Austin Healey?

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    Well, that depends what kind of dress you will be wearing and if the top on the Austin Healey is up or down!
    I wouldn't do it, personally. Austin Healey's aren't nearly as spacious as modern day sports cars.  Also, you sit lower to the ground and the doors are smaller than on modern day cars, so getting in an out will be a tight squeeze even if you don't have a particularly poofy dress.
    We have a Triumph TR6, which, size-wise, is comparable to the AH and I would never have it be my ride to the wedding because it would not be easy or relaxing at all! 
    If you want to show up in a classic car, maybe think about something more like Packard.  Models like the Packard One Forty have suicide doors (meaning they open the opposite way than normal) for the backseats and are incredibly spacious on the inside with a large bench seat.  You could easily fit yourself and your dress and maybe even another person!  I also think they look really chic!
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    I would not choose any convertible for transportation to the ceremony or reception. If you love a certain convertible, save it for your "get away" car, because your hair will get messy.

    And I wouldn't choose an Austin Healey even for that. They are TINY. And you'd basically have to jump in race car style, because the doors are too small to get through with a voluminous dress.

    So, unless you're a size 0 in a slinky sheath, with hair plastered down with stage make-up grade hair spray, I would not recommend it.
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