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Thanksgiving Thursday

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Already napped.  But don’t put it past me to nap again. It’s thanksgiving afterall. And no, no football in this house.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

edit; from your resident weirdo

Re: Thanksgiving Thursday

  • SFIL has been sending photos to M & I from the parade. I asked for Bluey to BK could see.

    Speaking of, BK is home again because her cough is nasty. Tried cough suppressants and nothing helps - honey and a honey based cough suppressant - so I called the clinic to see if maybe I could talk to someone over the phone but reception was like "let's just get her in to listen to be sure she doesn't have anything else - that way dr can see what options are"
    I got lucky so BK goes for 6pm.
    We figure it's just a cold but with everything going around and this cough is just so hard on her :( 

    We already told BK that we have parent-teacher interviews on Friday so she needs to wear a mask.
    So obv she puts on her backpack and mask as I'm leaving - so we say "where are you going?"
    BK: "I have mask on. I'm going to school"
  • Awww BK ❤️❤️❤️

  • @CharmedPam lol she's so funny "My friends will miss me" 
    Ma'am your friends would rather not get what you have if we can avoid it lol
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