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Say something, but he doesn't seem that into you.

Dear Prudence,

I was on an epic vacation and posted pictures on Facebook for 10 days. My friend-with-benefits never “liked” any of my posts or pictures. But he was online liking other women’s posts/pictures during that time. After I asked why, he said he was busy and was going to suggest lunch to review them, but didn’t until I said anything. Am I reading too much into this? Is he sending a message?


Re: Say something, but he doesn't seem that into you.

  • You are not in a relationship with him.  But also he may not be your friend.  The m message is, "Find someone else"
  • Yah I think LW wants to be more than FWB and that’s fine, but he didn’t do anything wrong here. Think about what you want and ask for it. If he’s in, great, if not decide what you’re going to do knowing he really only might be here for the sex. 
  • Sounds like a "Benefits" relationship with very little of the "Friends" part.

    The LW needs to decide if they are okay with that or need to move on.
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  • He’s just a hookup. If you’re looking for more of the “friends” or “relationship” part, this isn’t it. 

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