Wedding Woes

Obtain the carseat and ignore them (yes, your wife too).

Dear Prudence,

My wife and I are traveling to southern Europe with our six-month-old in a few months for a family wedding. I’ve requested that we use a car seat for the planes, trains, and automobiles that we’re taking to get to the wedding. My wife, my in-laws, and my wife’s friends all think I’m overreacting (including friends and family who have traveled or will be traveling with infants). My wife reasons that from a legal standpoint, we don’t need a car seat (public transit and taxis are not required to use them) and that we can just hold the baby on our lap. I’ll admit that I’m more anxious than her when it comes to safety (I work in health care), but somehow I doubt the Federal Aviation Administration and National Transportation Safety Board recommend car seats on planes “to sell more seats.”

—My Lap Is Not a Harness

Re: Obtain the carseat and ignore them (yes, your wife too).

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    Get the car seat.

    Tell your wife that this is a non negotiable.  You will not be traveling without one. 

    I get that legally that's not a requirement in some places but I wouldn't do it.  Get the car seat that snaps into a stroller.
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    Also, we have personal experience in this with friends.  Years ago we went to the wedding of our friends and shared a car with mutual friends.  They had a new baby that they brought with them but did not bring a car seat with them on the plane.  DH rented the car and they weren't sure if they wanted to rent the seat.  When they traveled out of the country they didn't use a car seat and DH was very adamant: I'm not driving you guys and your baby without it.   

    Cut to the drive back to the airport and the baby is fussing as they do and mom started to nurse in the car as we drove.  Both DH and I looked at each other and mutually rolled our eyes, were thankful we didn't get into an accident or a ticket and kind of vowed that we wouldn't put ourselves in a position where that was a possible issue ever again. 
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