Wedding Woes

I keep trying to cheat on my wife and it might work this time.

Dear Prudence,

I (a married dad in my early 40s) have been part of an amateur theatrical troupe for the past decade that does a single annual performance. Last year, I developed a crush on a castmate, “Francesca”—an intense, hormones-out-of-control level crush, the likes of which I hadn’t experienced since my teen years. I didn’t act on this crush for many reasons: I didn’t want to cheat on my wife; Francesca offered no indication she felt the same way about me; and I didn’t want our troupe to get a reputation as one where married men hit on actresses. It caused me a lot of sleepless nights, but I held myself together through our final performance, said a friendly goodbye to Francesca, and never talked to her again. I told nobody, not even my closest friends.

Skip ahead to this year. Once again, I’ve developed an intense crush on a castmate, “Jeanne,” and once again, it’s causing me no end of internal turmoil. This time, I think there’s a small chance Jeanne’s interested in me, but the other barriers to making a move still apply. My marriage is in OK (not great) shape, which might be part of the issue, but my wife and I have always been faithful to each other. Why am I getting these crushes? How can I stop it? And what should I do to quell the emotional storm raging within me, at least until our performance is past?


Re: I keep trying to cheat on my wife and it might work this time.

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