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Prudie Day

How’s everyone?  Got my period yesterday and totally dragging today. Otherwise pretty SSDD and thankful it’s Friday Eve.

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    I'm dragging today.  We had a pretty big storm come through and I could hear it in my apartment.  It freaked Harley out.  I felt bad for her and also I needed her to let me sleep!  I'm dragging a bit today because of it.

    After my breakup with K, I had severe emotional distress.  I really struggled with watching or reading any sort of media that I didn't already know what it would do to me.  I couldn't watch or read anything that tied into my emotions really at all.  For a long time...I think almost 2 years, I only watched Community, over and over.  Watching the same thing let me numb out but still get some entertainment.  So, its my ultimate comfort show.  It's being dropped from Netflix and I have some FEELS about that.  I might have to buy it on DVD, just to make sure I still have it.  It's an odd crutch.

    Grinding away at work.  Still struggling a bit with this new process.  I don't feel very listened to right now and kinda feel like there's some blame being laid on me that isn't accurate or appropriate.  I'm just trying to grit my teeth and bear it.

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    I started the week with a sleep deficit that is still haunting me.  I've just been so tired.

    My right eye has been irritated for the last week and is especially irritated today.  I'm overdue for an eye appointment anyway and am thinking about taking off this afternoon if I can get an appointment.

    Not much else going on.  My dog and cat were funny last night.  They were playing and the dog was chasing her.  But then Maple Bar wanted to stop, so she jumped up onto the seat of my exercise bike.  It is one of her all-time favorite perch spots.

    Poor Izzy looked so dejected!  She sat under the bike and stared at her.  She's usually a very quiet dog, but even whined a little at Maple hoping she would come back down, lol.
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    Good morning.  Yesterday felt like Thursday to me.  I'm off tomorrow.  Need to take dad for a routine procedure early, but I'm hoping that I can find time to nap in the afternoon.  

    Work is mehhhhh... I'm glad to have a long weekend coming up.  I need to reset or something. 

    We watched the first ep of the Shogun show (it's on FX/Hulu).  We started watching with subtitles, but switched to the dubbed version.  They digitally altered their mouths in the dubbed version to get the shape/movement close to English.  It was interesting, but I found it a little distracting.  Also, the first episode is feature-length (almost 90 min), so it was like watching a movie.  Overall, I liked it and it's about a part of history I don't know much about. They did a great job with the location/sets/costumes/etc., so it's very pretty to look at.  But I don't think I could binge it.  Definitely a one or two episodes a week thing. 

    Prudie coming up.  I have a meeting in a few and then will be posting.  :) 
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    @mrsconn23, thanks for the review!  I've been interested in watching Shogun.  I remember we had the book kicking around my house growing up.  To a little kid, it looked like a really long, thick book.

    I've always side-eyed that almost all the history I learned in school was about the US and Europe.  That's not racist at all //s.  Though I can kinda understand the emphasis on the US, since that is the country I am in.  I assume all countries do that.

    I'd like to think that has changed over the years and is more well rounded to include the whole world and not just Europe, but I suspect it hasn't.
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    I slept almost 6 hours last night! I had coffee with a friend from work this morning who also has a newborn at home. It was so nice to have someone else at the same stage and be able to meet in person! 

    Tomorrow J has appointments with ENT and pulmonology for follow-ups. Our doctors still think this is probably still related to him being early and not gaining for the first month but want us to rule out anything else. 
    Good luck!  

    Hopefully their hypothesis is correct!    

    Everyone is in the buildings they should be today.  DH was likely jolted awake last night in a dream and we talked through the racing heart rate that ensued.    I would LOVE like....a month or two of all things normal.  Last night I had book club (read Verity by Colleen Hoover - it's crazy!) and when I got home Chiquita was working on her derby car and then DH was having her hover over boiled water to breathe in the steam.  I think it helped because last night she coughed way less than she did earlier this week.  

    She has a big day with school that started at 7:20 for her today and she has Confirmation class from 6-8.  She missed a retreat Sunday when she was spiking a fever so we have to figure out what she can do to cover that ground.  What a rough year for trying to hit commitments. 

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    I read verity too @banana468. It got me liking other Colleen Hoover books.  Someone in meetup has a book club and they were discussing it.  I was like… I’m gonna sneak read this, but i still read too slow for a book club. 
    I’m watching “convict” on max I think it is? It’s a Polish drama dubbed into English voiceovers and I really like it. The mouth movements escape me.  “Love is blind” Sweden and brazil do the voiceovers, and it doesn’t annoy me. I can’t do subtitles though. 

    I don’t know what it is, but I lost motivation to do anything lately. When I get home from work - nothing.  Can’t wake up.  So hard to get ready for work. It’s not weather because we have spring like conditions that I like? I don’t know what it is, but I used to DO stuff. 

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    @short+sassy, I read Shogun years ago along with some of his other books. They are all long. I remember I enjoyed them but don't remember much about the stories.

    I'm in Florida with my book club. Our book was assigned late but it is The Women by Kristen Hannah. It is about a nurse during the Vietnam War. I've read about a quarter of it and really like it. We've been having a great time eating, laughing and shopping.
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