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How to have his brother officiate?

So, we know we want to have a civil ceremony as neither of us are religious, and we were thinking about asking his older brother to officiate the ceremony as he's been a very pivotal person in our relationship. My question is, how would one go about getting licensed to perform a wedding ceremony? I've been looking online and all these place you can get ordained at want $600+ to do so. We wouldn't dream of having him spend that much to do this for us. Any ideas, or anyone doing the same thing that can help us? We're having the wedding in Austin, TX in November. 
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Re: How to have his brother officiate?

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    We're having his best friend officiate. We're going around the ordination bit by having the legal ceremony at the courthouse before the wedding. It costs $30 in our area for the courthouse ceremony, which is a hell of a lot cheaper than $600 for ordination. It isnt' cost-effective if he's only doing it for the wedding and won't be needing the title for anything else.
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    A cousin of my FI is getting ordained for our wedding.  He's been doing the research and for the type of ordination he's doing it seems to be under $100 - however, it seems to vary state by state what the person has to go through, and the type of ordination they go through.
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    Check with your state. My BIL in MA was able to apply to be officiant for both his son's weddings. He filled out some application for the state and was issued a 1 day licences to perform the ceremony each time.  He was not required to be ordained to perform a civil ceremony.

    Edited: He was an officiant for a day: 

    In Massachusetts, a couple can choose to have a family friend or relative perform their wedding ceremony. In order to become a "Justice of the Peace" for a day, you must fill out an application from the Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth. The process takes 4-6 weeks to complete.

    After filling out the application and sending it back, you will then receive a letter from the Secretary of Commonwealth granting permission for the person to perform the wedding ceremony. The letter will give you further instructions to complete the process. There is a $25 fee to apply.

    Not sure if this is available in your state?

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    Our coworker just got ordained, for free and in about 5 minutes, by the universal life church.  Look for it online, but beware that there are, apparently, some imposter organizations.  It's free and legitimate  -  one of our guests got ordained this way to marry a friend, and one of my former brothers in law also got a universal life church ordination and has been doing weddings for years.  

    I believe it is legitimate in all 50 states, but there is info on their website to help you find out for sure.  Good luck!
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    Did you do it through Or

    I've been looking into both and trying to figure out which one is more legit.  Thanks!
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