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where to have the ceremony on the big island of hawaii?

I need your help please. We are getting married on the big island of hawaii in late Sept. It is just the two of us as it is a second marriage. I am planning a white dress but a less formal one. We are trying to decide a venue for the eremony which is quiet and not full of tourists as we would like it to be a private ceremony. Any ideas? I was looking online at Liliuokalani Gardens, but it seems like it is not set up for weddings. I was also thinking maybe the beach, but it may be full of tourists and I hear the big island has less beaches. We are staying at a timeshare condo so they wont have any wedding facilities. I am also looking for ideas for what to do after the ceremony as I want to feel that the wedding is not over in 10 minutes. I would like something romantic for just the two of us. Many thanks, Jennifer
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